More News: December 2018 – 2


 More News: December 2018 – 2
Wow! US Government Announces $10.6 Billion In Aid To Mexico And Central America — But Zero Dollars For Border Wall
December 20, 2018 6:46 pm Politics (Gateway Pundit) – The United States on Tuesday pledged a total of $10.6 billion to Mexico and Central America.
This comes on the same day White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders announced there will be no shutdown over border wall funding. The AP reported: The United States pledged $5.8 billion in aid Tuesday for strengthening government and economic development in Central America, and another $4.8 billion in development aid for southern Mexico. The U.S aid aims to promote better security conditions and job opportunities as part of a regional plan to allow Central Americans to remain in their countries and not have to emigrate. The plan was announced in a joint U.S.-Mexican statement released by the State Department and read aloud by Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard in the Mexican capital. “In sum I think this is good news, very good news for Mexico,” Ebrard said. There are currently at least four illegal migrant caravans on their way to the US southern border with Mexico.

Civil War: Swedish Citizens Rise Up To Protest Globalism The people of Sweden protest against political elite as Yellow Vest movement spreads By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 11th December 2018
Image: The French Yellow Vest movement is inspiring other nations to rise up against globalism Citizens across Sweden have begun rising up to protest globalism, in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of French protestors. As the anti-globalist movement continues to sweep across Europe, the people of Sweden took to the streets of Stockholm over the weekend, protesting the UN Migration Pact.France’s “Yellow Vest” movement has also spread to at least three other European countries as citizens in Belgium, Germany, and Holland have also started to protest against the political elite.The French movement originally started as an opposition to high fuel taxes but is now focused on governments as well, as regular, hard-working people feel unheard.As Swedes gathered outside Parliament in Stockholm, one protester said:”I am here for the poor elderly who paid tax their whole lives and now are forced to starve.”Have your say – ? Hit the comments below ?

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Robert Steele: Mattis Resignation Most Helpful Reaction of Congress Reveals Degree to Which ALL
Members are Bribed and Blackmailed
by BZ AM Riger – 22 December 2018 – Robert David STEELE Vivas
The resignation of James Mattis as Secretary of Defense is both necessary and timely. The Secretary of Defense simply does not “get” that the Koreas will be unified, denuclearized, and demilitarized; that most if not all US bases overseas will be closed starting in Germany and the Italy and Japan; and that it was the Zionists, not Iran, that did the Marine Beirut Barracks bombing. As with so many in Washington, he has reached the limits of his capabilities and is not ready for the brave new world that is going to include extraterrestial disclosure and the termination of mind-control, geoengineering, and the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) that SecDef has probably not been fully briefed on. SecDef simply does not “get” that President Trump must achieve an end to elective wars and predatory unilateral militarism abroad (as well as CIA’s smuggling of drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children), if he is to get a grip on the US Government that supports multiple elite crime families including the Bush and Clinton crime families particularly.
Of equal value to all of us — and to President Trump — is the “bi-partsian” dismay over this resignation. That tells us all we need to know about the plain fact that most Republican members of Congress are just as worthless as most Democratic members of Congress, and a wholesale turnover of Congress is needed in 2020. With the exception of myself and a couple of others (none of us being listened to), no one in Washington has conceptualized a Grand Strategy for global engagement (Diplomacy, Development, Defense, & Commerce or D3C), nor specified the steps that need to be taken to both cut the Department of Defense budget in half (half of the budget is documented waste) while also creating a competent combined arms force that can win wars. doqwnload pdf file:

Alexa says “kill your foster parents” POWERS and PRINCIPALITIES.
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THE END IS HERE: What are you going to do?
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*Massive Waves & Damaging Storms Both Coasts*Giant Hail*Massive Object Make Uranus Lopsided?*
Evolutionary Energy Arts Dec 21, 2018

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US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis to Step Down, Tells Trump Their Views Are Not Aligned
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This Happened On Planet Earth..Dec. 2018….End Times Signs
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New World Order Prophecy 2019 || Third Temple Ritual Has Begun || Offering Altar
A & O Productions – Published on Dec 13, 2018 –

Netanyahu and Oman’s Secret Mission Exposed – Antichrist Dajjal Awakening – Third Temple
PRAECURSATOR Published on Dec 13, 2018

Breaking: “Russia, Iran, And Turkey To Meet In Geneva” Middle East

Paul Begley Published on Dec 19, 2018 —

Ted Cruz Locates $14B For Trump’s Border Wall – In Notorious Criminal’s Pockets
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EMERGENCY: Shut-up or Be Silenced! Major Move To Erase All Nationalists From the Airwaves in 2019
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Massive Fissures Open Up And Destroy Homes After Volcanic Eruption Hits Vanuatu Islands
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Most Palestinians reject Trump’s yet-to-be-revealed ‘deal of the century’
August 7, 2018 – The vast majority of Palestinians support their leadership’s rejection of Trump’s “deal of the century,” expecting it will not offer them anything worthwhile, according to a new poll. By: World Israel News Staff – The majority of Palestinians support their leadership’s rejection of US-brokered peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, a new poll shows.

A public opinion poll conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre, published on Tuesday, shows 60.6 percent of Palestinians support the Palestinian leadership’s position not to accept the US as the sole mediator in the peace process.
However, only 28.1 percent agree with the decision to refuse to deal with the US since its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December. A majority, 80.3 percent, expect that the “Deal of the Century” promoted by the US administration will not produce anything acceptable to the Palestinians, as opposed to 6.8 percent who said the opposite.

BREAKING: John McCain’s Replacement Announced For His Arizona Senate Seat
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24Hrs After GoFundMe Started To Pay For Wall – Americans Give Trump HUGE Christmas Gift
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SC Robert Mueller: Releases Memo Summarizing FBI’s Interview With Michael Flynn

by BZ AM Riger -18 December 2018 – SC Robert Mueller: Releases Memo Summarizing FBI’s Interview With Michael Flynn
to download directly click here pdf file

Text of a Memorandum from the President to the Secretary of Defense Regarding the Establishment of the United States Space Command
by BZ AM Riger – 18 December 2018 – Text of a Memorandum from the President to the Secretary of Defense Regarding the Establishment of the United States Space Command

National Security & Defense Issued on: December 18, 2018 MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE
SUBJECT: Establishment of United States Space Command as a Unified Combatant Command
Pursuant to my authority as the Commander in Chief and under section 161 of title 10, United States Code, and in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I direct the establishment, consistent with United States law, of United States Space Command as a functional Unified Combatant Command. I also direct the Secretary of Defense to recommend officers for my nomination and Senate confirmation as Commander and Deputy Commander of the new United States Space Command.
I assign to United States Space Command: (1) all the general responsibilities of a Unified Combatant Command; (2) the space-related responsibilities previously assigned to the Commander, United States Strategic Command; and (3) the responsibilities of Joint Force Provider and Joint Force Trainer for Space Operations Forces. The comprehensive list of authorities and responsibilities for United States Space Command will be included in the next update to the Unified Command Plan.
Consistent with section 161(b)(2) of title 10, United States Code, and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, you are directed to notify the Congress on my behalf. You are authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register.

Transcript of James Comey Closed Door Testimony December 17, 2018
by BZ AM Riger 18 December 2018 –

Statements and Releases by President Trump

Text of a Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Serious Human Rights Abuse and Corruption
Law & Justice
December 18, 2018 – News – On December 20, 2017, by Executive Order 13818, the President declared a national emergency with respect to serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world and, pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.), took related steps to deal with the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States. The prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States. For this reason, the national emergency declared on December 20, 2017, must continue in effect beyond December 20, 2018. Therefore, in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13818 with respect to serious human rights abuse and corruption. This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress. DONALD J. TRUMP

BOMBSHELL TESTIMONY The Clinton Foundation Acted As Agents Of Foreign Governments
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JUST IN: Trump Signing The Executive Order – Nobody Believed He Would!
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Sunday laws in the Pipeline – Part 1 The Dragon’s Voice
Third Angels Message David Barron Dec 14, 2018 —

Pope Says Western World “Has Moral Responsibility” To Let In More Migrants

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This Happened On Planet Earth …Dec. 2018..End Times Signs
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Breaking: “Shop The Apocalypse” World Gone Mad
Paul Begley Prophecy 12.17.2018 – Streamed live 2 hours ago

SDA False Prophets (Gates-Nelson-Carter-Batchelor-Veith-Wilson-Bacchiocchi-Finley-Cox..etc)
NicholasPOGM Dec 15, 2018 —

Subject: Not All thieves are STUPID!!
1. LONG – TERM PARKING: Some people left their car in the long-term parking at San Jose while away, and someone broke into the car. Using the information on the car’s registration in the glove compartment, they drove the car to the people’s home in Pebble Beach and robbed it. So I guess if we are going to leave the car in long-term parking, we should NOT leave the registration/insurance cards in it, nor your remote garage door opener. This gives us something to think about with all our new electronic technology.
2. GPS: Someone had their car broken into while they were at a football game. Their car was parked on the green which was adjacent to the football stadium and specially allotted to football fans. Things stolen from the car included a garage door remote control, some money and a GPS which had been prominently mounted on the dashboard. When the victims got home, they found that their house had been ransacked and just about everything worth anything had been stolen. The thieves had used the GPS to guide them to the house. They then used the garage remote control to open the garage door and gain entry to the house. The thieves knew the owners were at the football game, they knew what time the game was scheduled to finish and so they knew how much time they had to clean out the house. It would appear that they had brought a truck to empty the house of its contents. Something to consider if you have a GPS – don’t put your home address in it… Put a nearby address (like a store or gas station) so you can still find your way home if you need to, but no one else would know where you live if your GPS were stolen.
3. CELL PHONES: This lady has now changed her habit of how she lists her names on her cell phone after her handbag was stolen. Her handbag, which contained her cell phone, credit card, wallet, etc., was stolen.
Twenty minutes later when she called her hubby, from a pay phone telling him what had happened, hubby says, “I received your text asking about our Pin number and I’ve replied a little while ago.” When they rushed down to the bank, the bank staff told them all the money was already withdrawn. The thief had actually used the stolen cell phone to text “hubby” in the contact list and got hold of the pin number. Within 20 minutes he had withdrawn all the money from their bank account.
Moral of the lesson: a. Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people in your contact list. Avoid using names like Home, Honey, Hubby, Sweetheart, Dad, Mom, etc…
b. And very importantly, when sensitive info is being asked through texts, CONFIRM by calling back.
c.. Also, when you’re being texted by friends or family to meet them somewhere, be sure to call back to confirm that the message came from them. If you don’t reach them, be very careful about going places to meet “family and friends” who text you.
4. PURSE IN THE GROCERY CART SCAM: A lady went grocery-shopping at a local mall and left her purse sitting in the children’s seat of the cart while she reached something off a shelf… wait till you read the WHOLE story! Her wallet was stolen, and she reported it to the store personnel. After returning home, she received a phone call from the Mall Security to say that they had her wallet and that although there was no money in it, it did still hold her personal papers. She immediately went to pick up her wallet, only to be told by Mall Security that they had not called her. By the time she returned home again, her house had been broken into and burglarized. The thieves knew that by calling and saying they were Mall Security, they could lure her out of her house long enough for them to burglarize it.

Swearing Santa Leaves Children In Tears
Misanthrope Writers A British Santa apparently panicked at a popular dockside Christmas festival after hearing a blaring fire alarm. The Santa ripped off his fake beard and began spewing a tirade of profanities at frightened children and startled parents, yelling for them to evacuate the area. The sudden meltdown by the usually jolly and affable fellow left children in tears and parents fuming at the pre-Christmas “Santa’s Grotto” in St. Ives, England over the weekend. The annual yuletide festivities is traditionally the highlight of the year. Capping off a years celebration within the town’s idyllic waterside location, in which Santa rather than arriving by sled, arrives on a beautifully decorated boat along with his sidekick Frosty the “Chief Snowman” smiling and waving to the throng of children gathered along the pathway with their parents — the duo walk to a nearby grotto to greet the children.

Human microchipping is here; are you ready?
A microchip could open your front door, start your car and make purchases but how do the benefits outweigh the risks?
By Anna Harstedt – Published : December 03, 2018 – With a microchip and Wi-Fi, you can control your home by unlocking the door, adjusting the lighting, or paying for items at a store — all with a flick of the wrist. Your medical history could be instantly accessible if you’re admitted to hospital and you could use it instead of a passport while traveling, according to Three Square Market. But there are serious security concerns to be aware of. “Companies often claim that these chips are secure and encrypted,” Alessandro Acquisti, a professor of Information Technology at Carnegie Mellon University, told ABCnews. “ Cont’d:
News December 14, 2018 – Company pulls ads from Tucker Carlson’s show after ‘poorer and dirtier’ immigration comment
‘As a company, we strongly disagree with Mr. Carlson’s statements’ Pacific Life, an insurance company, announced Friday it was pulling advertisements from the Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in response to a comment Carlson made about illegal immigration, according to The Hill. Special: Can you tell if your dog is suffering from hip or joint pain? “We will not be advertising on Mr. Carlson’s program in the coming weeks as we reevaluate our relationship with his program,” the company said in a statement posted on Twitter. What Carlson said: Carlson was discussing the attitude of some leaders toward illegal immigration and the economic impact it has on the United States:
“Our leaders demand that you shut up and accept this. We have a moral obligation to admit the world’s poor, they tell us, even if it makes our own country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided. Immigration is a form of atonement. Previous leaders of our country committed sins; we must pay for those sins by welcoming an endless chain of migrant caravans. That’s the argument they make. Cont’d:

News December 15, 2018 – College places menstrual products in men’s restrooms in the name of inclusivity for transgender students Program is starting at Pullman campus, could expand to others Under the guise of “inclusivity,” Washington State University is now stocking menstrual products in men’s restrooms. Special: Can you tell if your dog is suffering from hip or joint pain? The move is billed as a way make transgender individuals feel more welcome on campus, according to Campus Reform. Three restrooms are being used as trial run at the Pullman, Washington, campus. Other WSU campuses are under review and could receive similar accommodations. What else is going on? The university is also allowing students to choose a name other than their legal name on their student identification card, according to the report. The name policy went into effect because some students felt that using a legal name on student identification cards was not welcoming for transgender students who want to make up their own names. Another new policy in the university system requires all new buildings to have “gender-neutral single-user restrooms,” the report stated.  Cont’d:

Prophecy Update End Times News Headlines – 12/15/18
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Sharpton’s Charity Pays Sharpton $531,000 for Rights to Life Story
By Mikhael Smits – December 3, 2018 – Rev. Al Sharpton, founder and president of the National Action Network (NAN), has sold the nonprofit the rights to his “life story” for $531,000, according to tax filings reviewed by the New York Post.
Sharpton, who plans to step down from NAN’s helm next year, denied the arrangement would enrich him. Rather, he said the agreement allows NAN to enjoy the sales revenue, which he anticipates will exceed the sale price. The deal hands over the rights to his story for 10 years. Sharpton founded NAN in 1991. According to its mission statement, NAN pursues “police accountability” and “criminal justice reform,” with warnings of “no justice, no peace” until change takes place.
The half-million-dollar deal risks running afoul of tax laws, according to the Post:

Broward County Election Supervisor Says She Won’t Resign: ‘We Will Be Fighting’
By Aryssa Damron – December 3, 2018 – Brenda Snipes, the embattled Broward County election supervisor who oversaw the recount of the Florida Senate and gubernatorial races this year, announced Saturday she was reversing her decision to resign. On Nov. 19, Snipes announced that she would be retiring and resigning her position effective Jan. 4, 2019—and Gov. Rick Scott (R.) has already named her successor. Snipes had previously said she was ready to “pass the torch” but now claims she must “fight.” Scott, who won election to the Senate and is passing the duties of governor onto Governor-elect Ron DeSantis (R.), responded to her looming resignation by suspending her without pay and naming her replacement, Scott’s former general counsel Peter Antonacci.
As CBS News reported: Scott said he was suspending Snipes due to misfeasance, incompetence and neglect of duty. His order cited problems during the recount, including reports of more than 2,000 ballots being misplaced. She also came under fire in 2017 after she destroyed year-old ballots in violation of law

Abortion Activists Bill and Hillary Clinton Speak to Empty Seats, Ticket Prices Tank to $11

National – Joe Simonson Dec 3, 2018 – Washington, DC – Ticket prices for the Clintons’ world tour have bottomed out, with prices as low as $11 at some locations. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been trekking across the United States and Canada over the past few months and have dates set through May 2019. Audience members can pay to hear the power couple opine on current events and reflect on their legacy in American politics. The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd paid $177 for her ticket, yet prices for future events have plummeted. There were empty seats both in upper level seats and on the ground floor, where tickets were pricier.
Seeing the duo at the Financial Centre in Sugar Land, Texas, on Dec. 4 runs anywhere from $11 to $80 depending on the seat quality. On resale sites, some sellers are asking for as much as $531 a ticket — although it’s unclear if they’ll be able to find a buyer at that price. Click here to sign up for pro-life news alerts from In contrast, former first lady Michelle Obama is on her own speaking and book tour. Tickets for that event range anywhere from $300 to $2,500.
LifeNews Note: Joe Simonson writes for Daily Caller. Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience.

Dozens of Irish Doctors Storm Out of Meeting After They’re Told They Must Participate in Abortions

International – Micaiah Bilger Dec 3, 2018 – Dublin, Ireland – Dozens of Irish doctors walked out of an emergency meeting about abortion Sunday after they said their concerns about conscience protections are being ignored.
About 300 doctors attended the meeting by the Irish College of General Practitioners EGM in Dublin to discuss the government’s plans to legalize abortions starting Jan. 1, 2019, NewsTalk reports. Dozens walked out after complaining that leaders have been ramming through the pro-abortion legislation without consulting the medical community or giving it ample time to prepare. Many doctors also fear being forced to help abort unborn babies against their consciences. Dr. Andrew O’Regan, speaking for the GPs who walked out, said the meeting Sunday did nothing to address their concerns, the Irish Independent reports. “The very false impression has been created [by] the Minister for Health that general practice is a suitable setting for abortion provision,” O’Regan said. “There are a whole spectrum of opinions within our grouping that left this meeting. People who felt differently about the abortion referendum but people that are united in that we have not been listened to and that we have not been genuinely engaged with in a respectful, democratic way.”

Walmart Getting Ready To Roll Out Autonomous Floor-Cleaning Robots To Replace Janitors, Shelf Stockers Next
by Geoffrey Grider – Robots are coming to a Walmart Inc. near you, and not just as a gimmick.

For those of you who work at Walmart and constantly complain about how much you hate your job, we have good news. You may not have to do it much longer! Walmart is rolling out robots to clean the floors, robots to take inventory stock the shelves, and may soon be following Amazon’s lead with cashierless locations. So you no longer have to worry about Mexicans taking your jobs, the robots will be happy to do that.
Robot Janitors Are Coming to Mop Floors at a Walmart Near You FROM MSN: The world’s largest retailer is rolling out 360 autonomous floor-scrubbing robots in some of its stores in the U.S. by the end of the January, it said in a joint statement with Brain Corp., which makes the machines. The autonomous janitors can clean floors on their own even when customers are around, according to the San Diego-based startup. Cont’d:

13 Chinese “Police Stations” in South Africa! WHY?
Dr, Mumbi Show Nov 5, 2018 —

Democrats Introduce Massive Carbon Tax Legislation
Wikimedia Commons – John Kartch November 28, 2018 – It’s the “The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2018” and it will face an uphill battle even though the House has a majority of Democrats. The mere fact that it is being reintroduced again demonstrates the persistence of global warming activists. TN Editor
Democrat Florida Congressman Ted Deutch has introduced a carbon tax bill to impose a new national energy tax on the American people. The bill is a massive tax increase and would increase utility bills and the price of all products and services. In true politician-speak, Deutch has dubbed it “The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2018.” Voters across the USA — even in blue areas — have consistently rejected carbon taxes when faced with the issue at the ballot box. See the timeline here. On top of that, Paris is burning as hundreds of thousands of French citizens — yes even the French — protest that country’s own carbon taxes. Despite all this, Democrat Deutch just can’t take a hint. Let’s look at the details of Deutch’s horrible bill:
Imposes a massive and continually racheting national energy tax, allowing politicians to raise taxes without ever having to vote. Just like the French proposal that starts with a big tax that gets more oppressive with time, the bill imposes a $15 per ton carbon (energy) tax, increasing by $10 per year into the future. Within five years the tax would automatically rise to $55 per ton. For reference, the carbon tax handily rejected by blue Washington state voters in November started at $15 and ratcheted up by $2 per year. Perhaps Deutch thinks the voters just want to be taxed at even higher rates.

In China, Tesla Transmits Location Data Directly To Government
Posted By: Erika Kinetz November 29, 2018 – Other manufacturers of electric vehicles are required to do the same. Thus, if you own a car in China, the government can precisely track your location every minute of the day. TN Editor
When Shan Junhua bought his white Tesla Model X, he knew it was a fast, beautiful car. What he didn’t know is that Tesla constantly sends information about the precise location of his car to the Chinese government.
Tesla is not alone. China has called upon all electric vehicle manufacturers in China to make the same kind of reports — potentially adding to the rich kit of surveillance tools available to the Chinese government as President Xi Jinping steps up the use of technology to track Chinese citizens. “I didn’t know this,” said Shan. “Tesla could have it, but why do they transmit it to the government? Because this is about privacy.” Cont’d:

Delta Activates ‘First Biometric Terminal’ In Atlanta Airport
Photo: John Paul Van Wert via Delta Air Lines – Ben Mutzabaugh November 29, 2018 – ‘Curb to gate’ biometric surveillance is ‘approved’ by majority of travelers, as if they have any real choice in the matter. All airlines are expected to follow Delta’s lead, making this kind of surveillance a permanent fixture in American travel. TN Editor
Delta says the Atlanta airport’s Terminal F has become the “first biometric terminal” in the United States where passengers can use facial recognition technology “from curb to gate.”
And Delta has already announced plans to offer the technology at another of its hubs: Detroit. In Atlanta, Delta has been rolling out biometric features gradually since October. Now, starting on Dec. 1, all Delta passengers traveling on flights to international destinations will be able to take advantage of the biometric options for all parts of their journey when departing from the airport’s Terminal F. “We’re removing the need for a customer checking a bag to present their passport up to four times per departure – which means we’re giving customers the option of moving through the airport with one less thing to worry about, while empowering our employees with more time for meaningful interactions with customers,” Gil West, Delta’s COO, said in a statementtouting the airline’s effort to outfit Terminal F with the biometric technology. The option also will be available to international passengers flying nonstop from Atlanta on Delta’s partner airlines Aeromexico, Air France-KLM or Virgin Atlantic. Cont’d:

Sweden’s human microchip craze a warning for privacy-loving Americans
GOPUSA Staff Cheryl Chumley, Washington Times – December 1, 2018 – Thousands of Swedes have been busily inserting microchips beneath the skin on their hands — for convenience’s sake, for goodness sake. That’s fine and dandy. For Sweden. But what’s alarming is that the trend has been making a beeline for America’s shores, as well. “For The First Time, a US Company Is Implanting Microchips in Its Employees,” Science Alert reported back in July of 2017, in a story about a Wisconsin-based snack stall supplier tagging its workers with a radio-frequency identification chip about the size of a grain of rice, in between the forefinger and thumb.
Technology watchers don’t think this will be an anomaly. “Microchip: You will be chipped — eventually,” blared one USA Today headline, rather ominously, in August of 2017. A year later, and it was more of the same from The Atlantic, which reported, “Why You’re Probably Getting a Microchip Implant Someday.”

With food and bathrooms cut off, migrants begin exodus to distant shelter
GOPUSA Staff San Diego Union-Tribune December 1, 2018 -Tijuana officials cut off food, water and bathroom services to thousands of Central American migrants at the Benito Juárez sports complex Friday, prompting a mass exodus to another shelter 11 miles away from the U.S.-Mexico border. Conditions at the sports complex deteriorated to the point that it is no longer safe for the migrant caravan, officials said. “We can’t let these people stay here because this is a big health problem and we have to clear the area,” said Mario Osuna Jimenez, Tijuana’s social development director.
Migrants aren’t being forcibly removed, but city officials said they are doing everything they can to convince them to leave voluntarily. That includes suspending essential services. “There will be no more food here, we will no longer allow people to distribute donations here,” Jimenez said. “The migrants must understand that we are helping them by having another shelter that is better suited to meet their needs.”  Cont’d:

South Korea Approves Its First Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit
November 28, 2018 By Emilio Janus Upbit, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has become the first to obtain an ISMS license. In December 2017, KISA decided that all Internet- and data-related companies generating more than $100 million in revenue would require an ISMS license. KISA assesses these firms based on over one-hundred criteria, to ensure they have strong internal management systems and security protocols. Following Upbit’s approval, the agency is now likely to request license filings from fellow exchanges, Bithumb, Korbit, and Coinone.
In August, KISA claimed that only a handful of exchanges in the country had sufficient internal management systems, stating:

Trump’s Fight To The Death
By Pat Buchanan – The war in Washington will not end until the presidency of Donald Trump ends. Everyone seems to sense that now. This is a fight to the finish. A postelection truce that began with Trump congratulating House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — “I give her a great deal of credit for what she’s done and what she’s accomplished” — was ancient history by nightfall. With the forced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his replacement by his chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, the long-anticipated confrontation with Robert Mueller appears at hand. Sessions had recused himself from the oversight role of the special counsel’s investigation into Russiagate. Whitaker has definitely not. Before joining Justice, he said that the Mueller probe was overreaching, going places it had no authority to go, and that it could be leashed by a new attorney general and starved of funds until it passes away.
2,000-year-old ‘Pilate’ ring just might have belonged to notorious Jesus judge
Uncovered 50 years ago at the Herodian palace near Bethlehem, a simple copper-alloy ring is now given a good cleaning — and a second look by skeptical scholars
By Amanda Borschel-Dan – An intriguing 2,000-year-old copper alloy ring bearing the inscription “of Pilatus” may be only the second artifact testifying to the historicity of the infamous Pontius Pilate. Unearthed 50 years ago, the ring was overlooked until recently, when it got a good scrub, and a second look.

Honnduras weighs Jerusalem embassy move during diplomatic visit
December 23, 2018 – Reports in the Israeli media indicate that Honduras may be the next nation to move its embassy to the Jewish state’s capital. World Israel News Staff . A Honduran delegation arrived in Israel reportedly to investigate a potential embassy move to Jerusalem.

Chris Matthews: Donald Trump may resign to protect ‘next dominoes to fall’ — Ivanka, Donald Jr.
GOPUSA Staff Washington Times
December 20, 2018 – MSNBC host Chris Matthews signed off Monday’s edition of “Hardball” by suggesting President Trump could resign in the “coming weeks” as part of a deal with special counsel Robert Mueller to protect his children, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, from facing indictments. “The president’s children stand right in the line of Mueller’s investigative progress,” Mr. Matthews said. “They stand as the next dominoes to fall.

Death of meteorologist Jessica Starr sheds light on connection between Lasik surgery and suicide
Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News Dec 14, 2018

Here Are 2 Ways Trump Can Help Americans Move From Food Stamps to Work
Jamie Bryan Hall – December 18, 2018 – Jamie Bryan Hall is a senior policy analyst in empirical studies at The Heritage Foundation.

President Donald Trump has an opportunity to do what Congress should be doing, but isn’t: Help Americans who are on food stamps transition to work.
The farm bill—which reauthorizes the foods stamp program for five years—would have been a prime opportunity for Congress to enhance work requirements. Under current law, certain work-capable adults must work 20 or more hours per week, participate in a supervised job search or training, or volunteer in their communities in order to receive food stamps.
Unfortunately, only 1.5 million of the 7 million actually satisfy the work requirement.
How is this possible?

Hundreds of Medical Miracles Reported in This Church, But You Don’t Need to Jump on a Plane to Receive Healing or Experience Revival: Just be “God” Desperate
Taylor Berglund : Dec 21, 2018 : “Revival cannot happen on our terms, and it doesn’t happen by our direction. Everybody needs it, but not everybody wants it. We are very intentional not to sensationalize what the Lord is doing, so we don’t make declarations that are not provable. If people read this and say, ‘I need to get to Orlando,’ then we failed. [But] if they read this and say, ‘I’ve got to get to God,’ it’s been a success. You can’t get revival in a church if you don’t have individuals who are experiencing it first. Someone who is on fire in a dry place causes a wildfire.” -“Way Maker” Pastor William McDowell
(Orlando, FL)—[] William McDowell clutches a report from a local doctor certifying that an active church member’s lupus has been completely healed. The healing is the 200th medical miracle Deeper Fellowship Church has witnessed in 18 months.

Netanyahu spoke out after Erdogan publicly stated, that Jews in Israel kick people when they lie on the floor, adding that Jews kick not only men but also women and children.
BY TOVAH LAZAROFF DECEMBER 23, 2018 – Erdogan: We will take command of the fighting in Syria
December 23, 2018 – Netanyahu calls Erdogan an antisemitic dictator, December 23, 2018 (GPO)
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an “antisemitic dictator,” charged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, as the war of words that erupted between Ankara and Jerusalem over the weekend hit a fever pitch. “He has an obsession with Israel,” Netanyahu said of the Turkish leader, who ignited the long-simmering feud between the two leaders, by attacking the Jewish state and its army in a speech he gave on Saturday.

End of the World & Survivalism, Robots, Smart?, Technology, Transhumanism/Futurism
Fake People – 14 hours ago/ 12.22.2018

Washington Post Reporter Fails to End Vet’s Wall Funding Campaign
by PENNY STARR 21 Dec 2018

A reporter with the left-wing Washington Post disapproves of a triple-amputee veteran’s Go Fund Me campaign to pay for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border that has raised more than $13 million. The reporter tried to shut it down, claiming the effort violated the fundraising website’s terms because it discriminated against mostly Latinos trying to get into the United States.

Campaign to Halt Classroom Indoctrination Gets a Boost from New Website
Proposing a Code of Ethics for K-12 public school teachers.
December 21, 2018 – Sara Dogan


Obama’s Organizing for America joins forces with Eric Holder-run group on voter activism
By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Thursday, December 20, 2018
Former President Obama announced Thursday that his political operation, Organizing for America, would be joining forces with the group run by his former attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., in a striking pre-2020 partnership.

The two men announced the decision in emails to their respective supporters, saying it means Mr. Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee will now have access to Mr. Obama’s powerful grassroots network.
The pair didn’t say anything about the 2020 presidential race, which Mr. Holder has suggested he’s eyeing, but the new closer ties to Mr. Obama’s operation is bound to be viewed through the lens of the Democratic primary.

Corbyn accused of calling UK leader May a ‘stupid woman’
British opposition leader under fire for apparently muttering the insult during a fiery parliamentary debate over Brexit
By AFP – 19 December 2018,- LONDON — British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn got himself into trouble on Wednesday for apparently muttering “stupid woman” at Prime Minister Theresa May during a heated exchange in parliament over her delaying tactics on Brexit.

PM says he’ll ‘study’ US pullout from Syria, as opposition slams him for failure
Netanyahu indicates he respects Trump decision, vows Israel will ‘protect itself,’ but rival politicians warn departure of US troops will clear field for Iranian entrenchment
By TOI STAFF and AGENCIES 19 December 2018, 7:10 pm 7Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his cautious imprimatur to the US decision to pull its forces out of Syria Wednesday, saying US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had assured him that the US will continue to influence events in Syria.

Israel accuses Lebanese army of working with Hezbollah to thwart anti-tunnel op
Israel and US call for international action against Lebanese terror group at Security Council meeting on cross-border digging
By ERIC CORTELLESSA 19 December 2018 – WASHINGTON — Israel accused the Lebanese Army Wednesday of tipping information to the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah and failing to allow UN peacekeepers to help thwart a tunnel-building operation on the country’s southern border.

New report says Facebook gave companies extensive access to users’ private data
Company defends policies, claims no access given without permission, after NY Times reports some firms could read private messages, see friends lists without consent – By AP and AFP – 19 December 2018, In this March 29, 2018, photo, the logo for Facebook appears on screens at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York’s Times Square. Facebook gave some companies more extensive access to users’ personal data than it has previously revealed, letting them read private messages or see the names of friends without consent, according to a New York Times report.

Trump pullout from Syria leaves Israel alone to battle Iran’s likely resurgence
By RAPHAEL AHREN – 19 December 2018 – The US didn’t have a massive troop presence, but it still managed to keep Tehran’s weapons from the Iraq-Syria border region; now even Netanyahu can’t hide his disappointment
The US administration’s planned complete withdrawal from Syria is bad news for Israel both militarily and diplomatically, experts said Wednesday, since it will be leaving a vacuum in the war-torn country that will very likely be filled by Iran.


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As In The Days Of Lot
The Watchman Dec 23, 2018

Special Urgent Mid East Prophecy Update – J.D. Farag
Prophecy Update Videos Dec 22, 2018

Anonymous. Warning! US Power Grid Failure ‘Event’. A Message from, “The Collective” [CC]
Anonymous Premiered Dec 11, 2018 – This is an EMERGENCY BROADCAST from The Anonymous Charity also known as The Collective. Today’s date is December 12th 2018.

$100,000 raised compared to $13 million for Trump’s barrier
Published: 1 day ago 12.21.2018 – Responding to a GoFundMe page by an Army veteran that has raised more than $13 million to fund a border wall, a transgender woman and human-rights activist has set up a page to pay for ladders so people can climb over the wall advocated by President Trump. Charlotte Clymer’s campaign had generated more than $97,000 by late Friday afternoon after launching Wednesday. As WND reported, the campaign launched Monday by Brian Kolfage titled “We the People Will Fund the Wall” aims to raise $1 billion to help fund the wall that became a major plank in Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Here Are All The Advertisers Who Got Bullied Into Boycotting Tucker Carlson’s Show
December 22, 2018 10:56 am Politics ( – In many ways, you expect a corporation to avoid all controversy and do what they can to keep the customers and stockholders happy. So when a company wants to pull their advertisements from a show that has expressed some unpopular views, that’s simply their prerogative.

Rightly Dividing Shows Us That No, The Catholic Church Did Not Change The Sabbath Day From Saturday To Sunday
The Church Age has a different temple, it has a different High Priest, and it has no particular sabbath day of worship. Why does God not require believers in the Church Age to observe the sabbath day? Because believers in the Church Age have an intimate and personal relationship with the Lord of the sabbath day, Jesus Christ.
by Geoffrey Grider December 21, 2018
Rightly dividing shows us that Christians and the Church does not replace the Jews and Israel, not by a long shot. Quite often I will see a post online talking about how the popes and the Catholic Church ‘changed the sabbath day‘ from the last day of the week, our Saturday, to the first day of the week which we know as Sunday. These types of posts are always very polarizing as those for and against square off against each other. But one thing is for certain, the biblical sabbath day is indeed on Saturday.

The Whitewashing Of Evil Continues As Financial Times Names Former Nazi George Soros As Their ‘Person Of The Year’ On Wednesday

“I’m blamed for everything, including being the antiChrist,” Soros told the Financial Times. “I wish I didn’t have so many enemies, but I take it as an indication that I must be doing something right.” After decades of attacks over his support for liberal ideals, Soros has become used to the negative attention.
by Geoffrey Grider December 22, 2018

Poll: Hamas leader would win Palestinian elections
December 20, 2018 – If the Palestinians held elections, the leader of the Hamas terror group would defeat current PA President Mahmoud Abbas, according to a new poll. By Associated Press and World Israel News Staff – A public opinion poll shows that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas would lose to the leader of the Islamic terror group Hamas if elections were held today. The Palestinians last held elections 13 years ago, with Abbas extending his original four-year term indefinitely. The survey, conducted by pollster Khalil Shikaki and released Tuesday, shows that Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh would win with 49 percent to Abbas’ 42 percent.

Abbas to dissolve Palestinian parliament, Hamas fumes
December 22, 2018 – The Hamas terror group claims Abbas’ move to eliminate the Palestinian parliament “opens the door to chaos.” By Associated Press and World Israel News Staff – After Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas announced Saturday he would dissolve the Palestinians’ non-functioning parliamentary body, the Hamas terror organization threatened that the move would would bring “chaos.” Abbas’ decision to dismantle the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) “destroys the political system and opens the door to chaos in the Palestinian arena,” said Yehiha Moussa, a Hamas lawmaker.

Could Emmanuel Macron be the Antichrist?
Prophecy Update Videos Dec 22, 2018id when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door.Could Emmanuel Macron be the Antichrist?
According to Scripture, the greatest political leader in history – the man of lawlessness (a.k.a. the Antichrist) – will arise from Europe to seek world domination and deceive countless people near the time of Christ’s return.

House Passes Bill to Free Pastors from IRS Muzzle and Shield Churches from Accidental New Tax
Dec 21, 2018 – The US House of Representatives has voted to repeal a law that’s used to penalize churches and other religious groups. Lawmakers voted to overturn what’s known as the Johnson Amendment as part of a larger bill extending tax relief and protecting retirement savings. It’s called the Retirement, Savings, and Other Tax Relief Act of 2018.


Fallout from Mattis Resignation as Senate Considers Nuclear Option to Pass Border Wall Funding
By The Editor – December 21, 2018
WASHINGTON – Just days before Christmas, Washington typically slows down, but the city is gearing up for a government shutdown as one of President Trump’s most well-respected advisors steps down.
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is leaving after the president’s surprise decision to pull US troops out of Syria.
“He and the president have a good relationship but sometimes they disagree,” Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters outside the White House Thursday.


Radical Nation of Islam Given at Least $365k in Taxpayer Money
By The Editor December 21, 2018
A new controversy has been exposed over government-funded religious teachings in some federal prisons by the Nation of Islam. The Washington Examiner reported this week that the group, led by Louis Farrakhan, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the US government since 2008. The Examiner reports Nation of Islam leaders have received at least $364,500 in contracts and awards from the US Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice between fiscal year 2008 and 2019. […] The Nation of Islam adamantly defended the funding saying the program is “a great benefit and blessing to the American penal system.”

December 22, 2018 – Pope Tells Abusive Priests to Turn Themselves In
By The Editor VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis demanded Friday that priests who have raped and molested children turn themselves in and vowed that the Catholic Church will “never again” hide their crimes.

‘God Healed Roxli’: Docs Baffled After Little Girl’s Inoperable Brain Tumor Miraculously Vanishes
12-18-2018 – Crystal Woodall
It appears a little girl in Texas who’s been battling an incurable form of cancer has become the recipient of a Christmas miracle. […] Meanwhile, doctors are scratching their heads at the miraculous turnaround in the little girl who was once facing what they call a “devastating disease.”

Benjamin Fulford Report 12/17/2018: Secret head of world finance, Cardinal Pell, fired and big changes coming

December 19, 2018 by Edward Morgan
Last week Cardinal George Pell was found guilty of sexually abusing children by an Australian court and was subsequently fired by Pope Francis because he was “elderly.”
This is huge news in the secret world of finance, because Pell was the person in charge of financial matters at the Vatican and thus was a secret controller of most world government leaders, P2 Freemason and CIA sources say. This is because when most world rulers take power, they get a visit from an official of the Vatican Bank who hands them a bank book with an astronomical number written in it (a billion dollars or more for big countries; less for smaller countries). They are then told, “Welcome to the world of the rich,” and are gently reminded that if they refuse to accept the money they will be “removed.”

800K Children in the U.S. Missing Each Year – International Tribunal Exposes Pedophilia Problem – Victims Testify of Child Sex Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse
December 21, 2018 by Edward Morgan by Brian Shilhavy […]
Worldwide, the number is close to 8 million children missing and being sexually trafficked.

ICE Arrests More Than 10,000 Known or Suspected Gang Members
December 21, 2018 – Transnational criminal gangs pose an immediate clear and present danger to the security of the homeland and its communities. Gangs are involved in a myriad of criminal activity, including murder, extortion, narcotics and weapons trafficking, human smuggling/trafficking and prostitution and other crimes with a nexus to the border. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has committed significant resources to this fight. In doing so, ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) combined their unique authorities to target criminal activity and administrative immigration violations of known or suspected gang members, making more than 10,000 gang arrests in fiscal year (FY) 2018 – including more than 2,000 Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang members. This figure includes both criminal and administrative immigration arrests.

Woman ’causes $2,500 in damages at a Memphis airport’ after she flipped furniture and set off a fire extinguisher during epic meltdown over $20 baggage fee
•Tamiko Warner was arrested after she caused thousands in damage at an airport
•She getting ready for flight at the Memphis Airport when she went into rampage
•Bystanders said Warner was angry because she was charged $20 baggage fee
•In the video she’s seen setting off a fire extinguisher and flipping over furniture
•She is charged with disorderly conduct and vandalism & bond was set at $5,000
By Valerie Edwards For – 20 December 2018

McKesson Corp. sent ‘massive quantities’ of hydocodone to the now closed Sav-Rite Pharmacy in Kermit, West Virginia
By Reporter – 20 December 2018
Sixth-largest American drug firm sent more than 3 MILLION opioid prescriptions to West Virginia town with population of just 400 in 10 months
•McKesson Corp. sent ‘massive quantities’ of hydocodone to the now closed Sav-Rite Pharmacy in Kermit, West Virginia
•The deliveries continued even after a McKesson warehouse in Ohio flagged the orders in 2007
•More than 3 million prescription opioids were delivered to West Virginia in the span of 10 months – that averages out to 10,000 pills a day
•McKesson had reported to the Drug Enforcement Administration that purchases made were ‘reasonable’ during that period


Trump administration will make millions of able-bodied Americans get jobs or lose their food stamps
Posted: 21 Dec 2018 – The Trump administration will force millions of able-bodied Americans who receive food stamp benefits to obtain steady jobs if they want the benefits to continue.
That’s an idea that Congress nixed just days ago, leaving it out of a 5-year Farm Bill that President Donald Trump signed into law Thursday.
The $400 billion law reauthorized agriculture and conservation programs, and left the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which serves roughly 44 million Americans, virtually untouched.

Misguided Proposal From Christian Leaders and LGBT Activists Is Anything but ‘Fairness for All’
Ryan T. Anderson December 14, 2018
[Two major Christian organizations have voted to support making sexual orientation and gender identity protected classes under federal law.]
Does the golden rule ever require bad public policy? That’s the implication of what some political strategists are proposing in the name of fairness.
At issue is a proposal among some Christian leaders to strike a compromise with some LGBT activists to balance “LGBT rights” with religious liberty. The proposal would elevate “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI) to protected classes in federal law in exchange for certain exemptions for religious colleges and institutions. They call this approach “Fairness for All.”


Turkey Aiming to Head a Global Islamic Union Governed by Sharia
by Uzay Bulut December 18, 2018 Turkey’s Strategic Research Center for Defenders of Justice is planning to organize an “International Islamic Union Congress” every year until 2023, to address the “Islamic confederal state” it aims to establish across the Muslim world.
“Go to Syria, Iraq, North Africa, the Middle East or the Balkans, and ask the people there what they think of Turkey and Turks. You will never hear words such as colonialism, invasion, persecution or massacre. Instead, you will hear expressions of thanks that have become a symbol, such as, ‘The loyal Turk was here.’ … Yes, it has been a century since we left those lands but the waiting and the hope of the people there has never ended…. You know I say, ‘The world is bigger than five’ [referring to the five permanent member states of the UN Security Council]. And Turkey is bigger than Turkey; just know this. We cannot be trapped inside 780,000 kilometers [Turkey’s total area].” — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, November 10, 2016.

An 8-Year-Old Bride
by Majid Rafizadeh – December 15, 2018

After the mullahs’ party imposed Sharia law in Iran and made it the official unquestionable law of the land, the authorities immediately changed the age of legal marriage to 9 for girls and 13 for boys. After 40 years, the Sharia-based law has not changed.
?The prevalence child marriage “still remains far too high. In a set of 25 countries for which detailed analysis was conducted, at least one in three women marry before the age of 18, and one in five women have their first child before the age of 18.” — World Bank.
According to official Iranian statistics, 180,000 child marriages take place there each year. In addition, in 2013 in Iran, a law was passed that allows men to marry their adopted daughters. Facebook acted as an auction block for a child bride in South Sudan as recently as last month.

Germany: New Law Banning Child Marriage Declared Unconstitutional
[Ednote: That’s due to Muslims who marry children and are into polygamy]
by Soeren Kern – December 22, 2018

76-Year-Old Joe Biden Is Officially The Frontrunner For 2020 Democratic Nomination
by Tyler Durden – 12/16/2018 – With just over 400 days left until the Iowa caucuses (set for Feb. 3, 2020), a recent poll confirmed what many Americans probably already suspected: despite the growing popularity of progressives and Democratic Socialists like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (who won’t be eligible to run for president until 2024), Vice President Joe Biden remains the most popular 2020 presidential contender. […] Here’s Bloomberg:
The poll shows Biden leading among a field of 20 potential candidates, followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke. The poll asked likely caucusgoers who their top choice for president would be among potential candidates for their party’s nomination.


“Between 6,000 and 10,000 churches in the U.S. are dying each year” – and that means that over 100 will die this week
Any institution needs resources in order to survive, and churches are not any different
Michael Snyder End Of The American Dream – November 28, 2018
“Between 6,000 and 10,000 churches in the U.S. are dying each year” – and that means that over 100 will die this week – America is littered with thousands upon thousands of church buildings that aren’t being used anymore.


NANCY? Pelosi suffers multiple brain freezes during short appearance
December 19, 2018 – The likely next Speaker of the House — and second in line to the presidency — suffered several brain freezes during a brief 18-minute appearance before reporters today – American Mirror – December 14, 2018

Hungary’s Fidesz Party Blames Socialists, Soros For Violent Street Protests
by Tyler Durden 12/17/2018 – After police arrested dozens of demonstrators who tried to storm the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest earlier this week, the country’s ruling Fidesz Party has blamed socialist lawmakers and liberal billionaire George Soros – whose “Open Society Foundation” was recently driven out of the country by a series of laws penalizing foreign interlopers in Hungarian politics – for stoking civil unrest in response to reforms to labor laws and the country’s judiciary that were recently passed by parliament.

Report: 70,000 Gang Members Across State of Georgia Include Children, Correctional Officers
December 19, 2018 – Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta reports that Georgia investigators believe there are more than 70,000 gang members across the entire state that are able to remain active by infiltrating the prison system and recruiting correctional officers who then assist in the respective gang’s bidding. These gangs also grow by targeting children as young as nine years old via the internet.


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