More News: November 2018 – 2

 More News: November 2018 – 2
In America: The Final Assault In The War On Cash
Posted By: Dan Denning November 27, 2018
The author does not have Technocracy in view, but only in name. Technocracy will force the extinction of cash in order to build a replacement monetary system to finance Sustainable Development that will resemble Alice in Wonderland. ? TN Editor
Before I show you what I’ve learned about a plan to seize control of America’s money, let me make one point clear…
If you value sound money and political freedom… if you value limited government and taxation with representation… and if you value enterprise and privacy… then you’re going to hate the future I’m about to describe.
There is no philosophical or monetary middle ground on the issue.
You’re either with it or against it.
The Chicago Plan
In March 1933, Henry Morgenthau Jr., chairman of the Federal Farm Board, was sent a short memo titled, “Memorandum on Banking Reform.”
It was signed by Frank Knight (the acknowledged author of the memo), Garfield Cox, Aaron Director, Paul Douglas, Lloyd Mints, Henry Schultz, and Henry Simons. All of them were professors at the University of Chicago.

DEW Blood Wars ??? Nov 27, 2018

Evangelical Focus
Court: Can’t pay your ticket? Wash police cars and clean courtrooms or go to jail
The birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., appears to be reverting back to the 1950’s.
A recent appeals court ruling reveals that Montgomery, Alabama judges and police are allowed to give indigent people two choices to pay for traffic tickets. One, they can wash police cars and clean courtrooms or two, they can go directly to jail.
“This appeal requires us to decide whether two municipal judges enjoy absolute judicial immunity and a mayor and two police chiefs enjoy qualified immunity from a complaint alleging claims of peonage and false imprisonment.
“The complaint alleges that the city of Montgomery, aggressively collected fines and court costs owed by individuals for various offenses, typically traffic tickets. But indigent offenders, who could not afford to pay their fines, were forced to sit-out the fines in jail by earning a credit of $50 a day.”
“The jailees allege that, while in jail, they were forced to participate in a work program, which allowed them to reduce their time in jail by working for an additional credit of $25 a day. The jailees describe the work program as a “forced labor policy” because they were allegedly threatened with more unlawful jail time if they refused to work. For example, McCullough alleges that she was forced to stand suicide watch over an inmate infected with hepatitis C. Edwards alleges that he was forced to clean jail cells and pick up trash. And Johnson alleges that she was forced to wash police cars and clean courtrooms.”

UK Commissioner Warns: Digital Footprint Starts In The Womb
Posted By: Mike Wright November 8, 2018
When Technocrats speak of ‘cradle to cradle’ it means generational data collection, and it starts in the womb via medical records and continues with DNA collection when the child is born. These records will haunt the child for the rest of its life. TN Editor

Children have more than 1,000 pictures of themselves posted online before they turn 13, the Children’s Commissioner has warned, as she backed the Telegraph’s Duty of Care campaign.
Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, said today children’s digital footprint was starting in the womb, from the moment parents posted their scans on social media.
She also warned that children’s lives were being “datafied” on a huge scale as their personal information was being collected by smart toys, smart speakers and even school apps.
The findings come as the commissioner’s office released a report raising concerns about the amount of personal data children and their parents were giving away before they turned 18.
It warned the sheer volume of information could have serious consequences for children when the grow up as more and more important decisions were being influenced by algorithms looking through personal data.
The report said in the future such information could influence which universities people are accepted to, whether they received a mortgage or even their job applications.
As a result, Ms Longfield called for the government to strengthen data protection laws for young people and for smart toys to clearly label if they record or store information on children.

Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.
Some sound advice from ZeroHedge (below) of what everyone should be aware of (if) tonight turns into absolute hell for the Communist Left.
“Tensions are incredibly high in the United States” like never before in our history. During election night 2016, the most that we experienced, as potentially dangerous, turned-out to be dismay and tears by Dems and their media. We survived…but don’t think for a moment, the Dems have not prepared THIS TIME for a reaction if they lose by a landslide.
The Dems have openly called for violence, voter intimidation and actively working behind the scenes to rig the elections, especially in Georgia and Florida. California is a “throw-away-state” and is expected to be rigged….a state that will drown in the ‘Blue Wave.’
Phoenix Arizona (Maricopa County) is [again] expected to be deficient by design with irregularities at many voting stations, as reported last night on local Fox 10 News. Kyrsten Sinema is Arizona’s beloved ‘Open Borders’ poster girl and she is locked in a very close race with Martha McSally. If Sinema loses her bid for the U.S. Senate, the Reconquista / La Raza supporters will be in the streets.
Portland Oregon will be a place to watch…..the home base of ANTIFA, not a place I’d feel safe voting at, among many other hotspots across America.
This is a brewing WAR in the fight for our Republic and the outcome will determine the severity of things to come.
Be safe, prepared and vigilant. [WWG1WGA]

Xi Tells China’s Critics To “Mind Your Own Business” In Trade Expo Speech; Pledges $30 Trillion In Imports
by Tyler Durden
Mon, 11/05/2018 – 07:05
“Worry about your own damn self (Mr. Trump).”
That was the overriding message delivered by Chinese President Xi Jingping during his address at the International Import Expo Opening Ceremony in Shanghai on Monday, which featured more than 3,600 companies from 172 countries, regions and organizations, and where Xi urged critics of China’s policies to worry about their own problems before opining on China’s, according to the FT.
“Each country should work hard to improve its own business environment. One cannot always beautify oneself while criticising others, and one can’t shine a flashlight on other people without looking at oneself,” said Mr Xi.
That said, Xi stopped short of naming Trump or the U.S. in the speech, his most high-profile economic address since April. Instead, and without a trace of irony, he stepped up warnings that protectionism would harm global growth while pledging to boost domestic consumption, strengthen intellectual property protection and advance trade talks with Europe, Japan and South Korea.
If there was a dominant theme from the expo – which is being held as China’s trade surplus with the US has continued to expand in spite of US tariffs on roughly half of Chinese goods crossing its borders – it was China’s attempts to position itself as the leader of a bloc of emerging-market nations, as the US and many of its allies declined to send government delegations (though, to be sure, representatives of many of the largest US corporations did attend). All told, 18 heads of state were expected to attend the summit. The Chinese government declared Monday and Tuesday holidays in Shanghai to ameliorate traffic for the event, which Xi has said will be held annually from here on out.
About 180 US companies sent representatives including Alphabet, Boeing, Caterpillar, Facebook, General Motors and Honeywell.

Can you tell the difference? First AI newsreader looks
UNCANNILY like real deal
IN a world first, a Chinese state news agency has created a virtual newsreader that works 24/7 and says whatever it is told to.
By Freddie Jordan
PUBLISHED: 05:35, Fri, Nov 9, 2018
The AI’s looks are closely modelled on a real news anchor, and its lips are matched to frame each word that is programmed to come out of its mouth. The agency jokes that he works 24/7 without taking any overtime.
Xinhua News claims the presenter can “read texts as naturally as a professional news anchor”.
In an introductory video, the software says: ”I will work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted.
“I look forward to bringing you the brand new news experiences.”
Sogou, a major Chinese search engine, assisted with development.
There is both an English and Chinese-speaking version with different faces.
An artificial intelligence (AI) system has been used to synthesise the presenters’ voices, lip movements and expressions. They are based on those of real Xinhua presenters.
The real newsreader is on the left and the artificial intelligence is on the right.

TRACKS FOR PEACE: Trump Backs Plan To Link Israel By Rail Line With Gulf States, Says It’s ‘First Part’ Of The Coming Peace Plan In Middle East
by Geoffrey Grider
The Trump Administration has backed an Israeli plan to link Haifa with Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, hinting that it was in line with the US peace plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The idea of building a railroad line to connect Israel with the rest of the Middle East is an unbelievably bold plan, given the very volatile climate in which Israel finds itself every waking moment. But bolder still is the Trump administration saying that not only will the United States back that place, with President Trump himself saying it’s part of his plan to bring about peace in the Middle East.
“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Daniel 12:4 (KJV)
Donald Trump had the courage to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem when 12 other presidents did not. Donald Trump had the boldness to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, when 12 other presidents did not. Clearly, Donald Trump is on target to achieve things in the Middle East previously thought impossible.
FROM THE JERUSALEM POST: US Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt tweeted his support for the rail line as Israeli Minister of Transportation and Intelligence Israel Katz made a historic visit to Oman to present its details to an international transportation event, the IRU World Congress.

Brain Initiative: New Supercomputer Mimics Human Brain
Posted By: Nicholas Sakelaris November 6, 2018
This is yet another activity resulting from Obama’s BRAIN Initiative for “mapping the human brain.” BRAIN stands for Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies. Because billions of dollars are being spent on this, technocrat scientists are having a feeding frenzy. TN Editor
A new supercomputer is able to mimic how the human brain functions, and can perform 200 quadrillion actions simultaneously.
The Spiking Neural Network Architecture, or SpiNNaker, went online last week for the first time at the University of Manchester in Britain. The computer can model more neurons in real time than any machine on the planet, developers say.
“SpiNNaker completely re-thinks the way conventional computers work. We’ve essentially created a machine that works more like a brain than a traditional computer, which is extremely exciting,” Steve Furber, a professor of computer engineering, said in a statement.
The computer can send billions of small amounts of information to thousands of different destinations. Eventually, the computer will be able to model 1 billion neurons at once in real time — about 1 percent the scale of the human brain, researchers said.

Are you ready for a chip implant?
November 3 2018 By John Brandon | Fox News
You walk into a grocery store and pick up eggs. No smartphone? No problem. You swipe your hand across a reader, and the amount is deducted from your bank account. If that sounds far-fetched, you obviously haven’t been to Sweden recently, where thousands of people have reportedly had chips implanted in their bodies.
Roomba® uses 2 Multi-Surface Brushes (not just 1) to lift and remove dirt from all your floors. Get Yours Starting at $299.
A company called Biohax has already “installed” around 4,000 chips in customers, inserted just below the thumb. They can use the implant to open secure doors, pay for tickets, and share emergency information with medical personnel. The chip is about the size of a Tylenol pill, and the procedure – which costs $180 – is similar to getting a tetanus shot.

A Honduran Tells the Shocking Truth About the Caravan!
Stefan Molyneux Oct 25, 2018


Rapture Time Awareness

Declaration of War by Mexico & Guatemala, Trump Urged to Enact “War Powers Act” +Videos
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 9:51
By John Rolls (Reporter) Declaration of War by Mexico & Guatemala, Trump Urged to Enact “War Powers Act” +Videos
Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.
As the American Flag is burned by so-called asylum seekers, we’re now learning a “pact” between Mexico and Guatemala presidents are joining together to help the army of invaders, now estimated to be 14,000 plus, to gain access to the United States with help along the route(s). Trump is said to be invoking the “War Powers Act” which defines the difference between “Posse Comitatus” versus military action on U.S. soil if America is under attack by a foreign government.
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina have agreed to assist the invaders…..

“Labeled “The Southern Border Program to Improve Passage,” it is an officially-sanctioned, coordinated effort on the part of Mexico and the nations of Central America to invade the United States.” “The agreement provides a network of border checkpoints through which an internal Mexican travel document will be issued, which is valid for a period of 72 hours. That document, known as a Regional Visitor’s Card, will provide temporary legal status to those in Mexico illegally for the sole purpose of invading the United States.”
Trump is treating the invasion as a threat to National Security and NOT a humanitarian crisis, which the Dems are pushing a federal judge to stop the regular military from being deployed. Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More…
“Sources in Washington tell me the Administration is looking to use this as a lawful casus belli – (cause for war) . . . . not only to put a stop to vast illegal immigration, but to wipe out the Drug Cartels and human trafficking networks operating openly in Mexico.” –Hal Turner (Former FBI) “Pursuant to 50 U.S. Code § 1541 (c)(3) the President may use such troops in a “national emergency created by an attack”
Patriot analysts believe the Deep State will TRY to use the invasion by conducting an act (at the border) which will “turn the stomachs of Trump supporters.” Thus far…..the invasion (their Caravan of hope) is backfiring on Dems and will suffer a major blow at the polls this November. While 14,000 are moving north, Mexico is helping them while an estimated 40,000 in northern Mexico, waiting to join the invasion. This is an ACT of War by Mexico and offers an opportunity for Trump to cross into Mexico with military force.

Beware of what is recommended against G5 frequencies. Crystals are recommended to counteract G5 frequencies. Crystals are Anti-christian because they are used by New Agers for healing power. They are considered to be “energy portals”. Crystals are rooted in New Age spirituality. New Age roots are in Eastern mysticism. “The third eye” concept is used to transcend the rational mind. New Age religion is based on self actualization to satisfy ones desires unlike Christianity which is based on obedience to God.

Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed NEW Feb 28, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Fire Captain on Origins of CA Fires Nov 3, 2017

LIES EVERYWHERE: Migrants Slam The Border, Fake Pictures, Fake Narratives…BOMBSHELL!

Nov 26, 2018

M.T PROPHECY Nov 26, 2018

Celene Dione – The Truth May Shock You! (2018-2019)
[Ednote: she is creating the new demonic wardrobe for children] Jason A Nov 24, 2018

Visual – Fourth Industrial Revolution

Subscribers discoveries

You Won’t Believe Who I Just Got Off The Phone With….
Sep 23, 2017

The Mark of the Beast – REJECT THE MICRO CHIP-
John Lockett Jun 21, 2016

Highlights: The Crisis on the Border (Part 1)
Tracy Beanz Nov 26, 2018

SUV rams governor’s residence on Summit; man, 59, arrested at gunpoint

The governor was home at the time; suspect accused of property damage and terroristic threats.
By Paul Walsh Star Tribune – November 26, 2018 – Leila Navidi – Star Tribune
A motorist slammed an SUV into the front gate at the governor’s residence in St. Paul Sunday night and was arrested at gunpoint, according to the State Patrol.
Arrested was Clinton L. Fouquette, 59. He’s being held on suspicion of two felonies: criminal damage to property and terroristic threats. The driver “did not enter the grounds” after the the SUV came to a stop on the drive inside the gate, State Patrol spokesman Lt. Gordon Shank said. No one was injured, he added.

Jerome Corsi Refuses Plea Deal With ‘Mueller Thugs’ .. ‘I Would Rather Rot In Prison Until I Die’
Posted by Kane on November 26, 2018 11:39 am
“They want me to say I willfully lied. I’m not going to agree that I lied. I did not. I will not lie to save my life. I’d rather sit in prison and rot for as long as these thugs want me to.”


Halleluia by Leonard Cohen put online

The Dangers of 5G – Mark Steele – D&V Party Conference 2018
Democrats and Veterans Oct 1, 2018

Breaking: Migrant Clashes In Tijuana U.S Border, Worse To Comes
Youtupe Mania Nov 19, 2018

Tear Gas Deployed At California Border Crossing; Tensions Mounting
KPIX CBS SF Bay Area Nov 25, 2018

Yellow Vest – ‘Macron Out’ – RT Reporter From Right In Midst Of Clash
Nov 24, 2018

New Brain Discovery Destroys Darwin’s Evolution Lie! Veil Of The Temple Finally Revealed
Jacob Israel Nov 26.2018

BREAKING: Hundreds Of Raging Migrants Just Stormed US Border Checkpoint
American Patriot Nov 26, 2018

SHARE THIS: ICE AGE is upon us And NASA agrees
RichieFromBoston – Nov 25, 2018

Trump’s Brilliant Border Strategy
Lori Colley Nov 24, 2018

Trump / Obama. Lion King. Temple Bekah. Little Rock. Pearl! Midst of Chanukah! 777
[Watch this all the way it has a message. God has a sense of humor, love it]
Many Fish – Nov 24, 2018

M.T PROPHECY Nov 25, 2018

BREAKING U.S., Mexico Strike Deal To Derail Migrants At Last Minute
American Patriot Nov 25, 2018

California Wildfires PGE NWO Globalist Rothschild Agenda 2030 + DEW connection
Shema-ministries Jerusalem – Nov 24, 2018

zerohedge get article – James Munder Nov 24, 2018

MI6 Scrambling To Stop Trump From Releasing Classified Docs In Russia Probe
By Tyler Durden – 11/24/2018
The UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, otherwise known as MI6, has been scrambling to prevent President Trump from publishing classified materials linked to the Russian election meddling investigation, according to The Telegraph, stating that any disclosure would “undermine intelligence gathering if he releases pages of an FBI application to wiretap one of his former campaign advisers.”
Trump’s allies, however, are fighting back – demanding transparency and suggesting that the UK wouldn’t want the documents withheld unless it had something to hide. The Telegraph has talked to more than a dozen UK and US officials, including in American intelligence, who have revealed details about the row. British spy chiefs have “genuine concern” about sources being exposed if classified parts of the wiretap request were made public, according to figures familiar with discussions.
“It boils down to the exposure of people”, said one US intelligence official, adding: “We don’t want to reveal sources and methods.” US intelligence shares the concerns of the UK. Another said Britain feared setting a dangerous “precedent” which could make people less likely to share information, knowing that it could one day become public. -The Telegraph
The Telegraph adds that the UK’s dispute with the Trump administration is so politically sensitive that staff within the British Embassy in D.C. haver been barred from discussing it with journalists. Theresa May has also “been kept at arms-length and is understood to have not raised the issue directly with the US president.” In September, we reported that the British government “expressed grave concerns” over the material in question after President Trump issued an order to the DOJ to release a wide swath of materials, “immediately” and “without redaction.” Trump walked that order back days later after the UK begged him not to release them.
Mr Trump wants to declassify 21 pages from one of the applications. He announced the move in September, then backtracked, then this month said he was “very seriously” considering it again. Both Britain and Australia are understood to be opposing the move.
Memos detailing alleged ties between Mr Trump and Russia compiled by Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer, were cited in the application, which could explain some of the British concern. -The Telegraph

grindall61 Nov 21, 2018


Mantle Fields, Solar System Shift, Winter Weather – S0 News

Nigel Farage – Theresa May Telling BREXIT Voters What They Want To Hear
Jerry Eldred

BREXIT: Say Goodbye Brexit
ChickenWire Nov 20, 2018

BREAKING BREXIT ON THE BRINK: Germany thre* atens to SCRAP Sunday summit amid EU row over May’s deal
Published on Nov 22, 2018
The special summit is on the brink and Brexit negotiations are threatening to breakdown as the EU’s most influential member state sends a stark warning to its colleagues. German diplomats warned Brussels’ chief negotiator Michel Barnier that the political declaration on the future relationship must be completed for Thursday morning to allow countries time to mull over the plans before Sunday. Berlin’s ambassador to the EU argued that Angela Merkel would consider calling off her appearance in the Belgian capital unless her top aides were given at least 24 hours with the document in preparation for the summit, according to a source familiar with the meeting. EU Leaders are expected to endorse the 585-page withdrawal agreement and the “political declaration setting out the framework for the future …

Jeff Bezos CONFESSES Horrific Reality About Amazon to All Employees – Then Gives The Order
The Next News Network

SOMETHING HUGE Is About To Happen To Earth…


195 UN Nations APPROVED CHEMTRAILS to Combat Global Warming! Cali and Australia Fires LINK?

This Happened On Planet Earth….Nov. 2018….End Times Signs
The Watchman Nov 29, 2018

Millions Restricted From Flying, What’s Next For Them Is Devastating—Time To Outsmart The “System”
Lisa Haven Published on Nov 29, 2018

COHEN ?? President Trump EXPLOSIVE Press Briefing on Cohen, Mueller ahead Putin Meeting G20 Argentina
Space Force News – Nov 29, 2018

New Muslim Congress members ‘deceived’ voters
‘Both on record as appearing to oppose Israel’s right to exist’
Published: 11/16/2018 at 8:06 PM
It’s an old joke: How can you tell a politician is lying? His lips are moving.
It seems that may be the case for the first two Muslim women elected to the U.S. Congress. An analyst at the Gatestone Institute presented evidence that Ilhan Abdullahi Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Harbi Tlaib of Michigan lied to voters.
The charge comes from Soeren Kern, a senior fellow at the institute, who who wrote that most of the media coverage since their election Nov. 6 “has been effusive in praise of their Muslim identity and personal history.”
“Less known is that both women deceived voters about their positions on Israel. Both women, at some point during their rise in electoral politics, led voters – especially Jewish voters – to believe that they held moderate views on Israel. After being elected, both women reversed their positions and now say they are committed to sanctioning the Jewish state.”
Kern noted that both of the new Congress members support the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions, or BDS, movement.

Mueller Witness Drops Bombshell, Destroys The Credibility Of Entire Investigation
November 25, 2018 11:43 am Politics
( – The left has been in a fresh tizzy over the Mueller investigation this week because they have something new to complain about (other than the blatant lack of anything credible uncovered by the investigation).
Matthew Whitaker’s appointment as interim attorney general has the left demanding recusal, particularly because Whitaker has been clear he believes the Mueller investigation should be put to an end.
Meanwhile, however, the dirty little secret of the Mueller investigation is that there is a much greater conflict of interest within his ranks.

Ocasio-Cortez Shows Up at Pelosi’s Office and Instantly Becomes Nightmare for Dem. Leader

By Benjamin Arie November 14, 2018 at 7:15pm video
Imagine being so far to the left that you make Nancy Pelosi seem moderate and stable.
That’s the position that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now in. The self-described New York socialist who pulled off a surprise win for Congress hasn’t even taken office yet, but she’s already managed to make enemies within her own party.
On Tuesday, just a week after the midterm election, Ocasio-Cortez appeared in Washington but acted more like an “antifa” activist than a responsible national lawmaker. Flanked by far-leftist protesters, the congresswoman-elect gave a proverbial middle finger to Rep. Pelosi.

SMART Meters Being Used To Implode Buildings in California During Firestorms
State of the Nation
“The Most Selective Wildfires in Recorded History”
California Fires: Directed Energy Weapons connected to Smart Meters? (Video)
Conclusive Photographic Evidence Proving California Is Under Attack by DEWs
How did these vehicles burn up in the Cali. fires when trees nearby remain untouched
Where is this all going?
The fact that they have gotten away with these stealth attacks up until now is quite extraordinary. How have the perps been able to elude detection with so many photos on the Internet showing that fires are not the cause of destruction to so many buildings (7000+ and counting just this November)? OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation

Theresa May’s Government ‘Falls Apart Before Our Eyes’ Over Brexit Deal
Brexit deal has been followed by seven high profile resignations By: Paul Whitehead -NeonNettle on 15th November 2018
Theresa May ’s recent announcement that her cabinet has settled on a Brexit deal has been followed by seven high profile resignations as with Labour claims that the Conservative government is a danger of completely dissolving.Shailesh Vara, the Minister of State at the Northern Ireland Office resigned after the prime minister announced the withdrawal agreement.Not long after that, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab – the person
responsible for negotiating and finalizing the deal, announced he was stepping down.Esther McVey, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, offered her letter of resignation soon afterward.More resignations have followed. © press According to RT: Labour’s shadow Cabinet Office minister, Jon Trickett, predicted that this is the beginning of the end for May’s government.The government is falling apart before our eyes as for a second time the Brexit secretary has refused to back the prime minister’s Brexit plan. This so-called deal has unraveled before our eyes

The Time That Pope Francis In St. Peter’s Square At The Vatican Declared To The Entire World That Lucifer Is The God Of The Catholic Church
by Geoffrey Grider The highlight of the ceremony was the singing of a Catholic prayer known as ‘The Exsultet’, or ‘Easter Proclamation’. The problem starts in the wording of the prayer itself.

On April 27th, 2014, Pope Francis held a ceremony in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican to induct two former popes into sainthood. Catholic sainthood ceremonies are fairly standard procedures, and happen quite often. But on this particular occasion, Pope Francis wanted it broadcast around the world in 3D, HF and 3K.
“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” Isaiah 14:12 (KJV)
What was so special about this sainthood ceremony to go to all that expense and trouble? What was it that the pope needed the entire world to watch? As it turns out, Pope Francis was about to declare that Lucifer is the Morning Star, a title that the Bible gives to Jesus Christ alone. The pope was telling all the world that Lucifer is God of the Catholic Church. (To watch the video click here)
“I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.” Revelation 22:16 (KJV)
The highlight of the ceremony was the singing of a Catholic prayer known as ‘The Exsultet’, or ‘Easter Proclamation’. The problem starts in the wording of the prayer itself. As you can see below, twice the name of Lucifer is mentioned as you can clearly see in both the Latin and English versions. The name of Jesus is not mentioned at all.
• THE EXSULTET IN LATIN: Flammas eius Lucifer matutinus invéniat: ille, inquam, Lucifer, qui nescit occásum. Christus Fílius tuus, qui, regréssus ab ínferis, humáno géneri serénus illúxit, et vivit et regnat in sæcula sæculórum.
• THE EXSULTET IN ENGLISH: May this flame be found still burning, by the Morning Star: the one Morning Star who never sets, Christ your Son, who, coming back from death’s domain, has shed his peaceful light on humanity, and lives and reigns forever and ever.

Hundreds from rocket-battered south protest against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv

In demonstration outside Defense Ministry, protesters block traffic and scuffle with police as they call for PM to resign over truce deal with Hamas in the Gaza Strip
By Luke Tress – November 15, 2018
Hundreds of residents from southern communities, which were battered by recent rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, protested in Tel Aviv on Thursday against a truce reached with the Hamas terror group and called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign.
Demonstrators scuffled with police as they blocked roads at the city’s Azrieli Junction outside the Kirya military base, which also houses the Defense Ministry.
It followed two days of protests in which southern residents burned tires and blocked the entrances to cities battered by Gaza rocket fire in protest of the ceasefire, which they say has left Hamas poised to renew attacks at will.

Earnestly Contend
“It was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” (Jude 1:3)

After Jude had responded to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to direct his thoughts away from writing a gospel account, the intensity of the growing battle for “the faith” came into focus. Perhaps Jude was aware of Paul’s observation that we do not “wrestle” against ordinary forces, but our battle deals with the “spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).
The special word chosen by the Holy Spirit to speak to this struggle in Jude’s letter was epagonizomai. The core word (agonizomai) is used in the famous passage “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7). Paul also notes what “great conflict” he felt for the church at Colosse (Colossians 2:1) and that Epaphras was “always labouring fervently” for them in his prayers (Colossians 4:12).
The object of this spiritual struggle was “the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” Two matters are of importance in that little phrase. First, “the faith” is a specific designation used in the New Testament to incorporate the basic doctrines of the New Covenant. It does include, but does not limit itself to, the belief that results in salvation. The early churches were “established in the faith” (Acts 16:5). We are to “stand fast in the faith” (1 Corinthians 16:13) and to come to a “unity of the faith” (Ephesians 4:13).
Second, that body of doctrine was “once delivered to the saints.” Implicit in that comment is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to “guide [the apostles] into all truth” (John 16:13). Both Old and New Testaments insist that we are not to add or subtract from the words of God’s Word. Jude’s epistle emphasizes the awful judgment that comes upon those who would distort or disdain what is “the faith.” HMM III

Rock Harbor Church Prophecy Update
Prophecy Update Videos Nov 15, 2018

Understanding the Times: The Escalating Convergence
Prophecy Update Videos Nov 15, 2018

Dan Bongino – Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History MUST SEE
TJ Singh Nov 22, 2018

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Sadly Passes Away, Cast in Mourning
By Kristen Undset america November 14, 2018
One of the stars of America’s most beloved TV show has passed away.

Absolute scientific PROOF that cell phone radiation causes cancer

Thursday, November 15, 2018 by: Tracey Watson
Tags: 2G, 3G, badhealth, badmedicine, badpollution, Brain, brain health, cancer, cell phone radiation, cell phones, dangerous tech, electropollution, EMF, Glitch, goodscience, Heart, mobile phones, radiation, real investigations, tumors
Image: Absolute scientific PROOF that cell phone radiation causes cancer
(Natural News) Most of us are completely dependent on our mobile devices and in total denial about them representing any kind of danger to our health. Unfortunately, the reality is that experts have been warning for some time now that the technology we’ve come to love and depend on – and which, let’s face it, makes our lives so much easier – carries some serious health risks. And those warnings are getting louder all the time, as more and more studies confirm a worrying link between cell phone radiation and cancer.
The U.K.’s Mirror recently reported that a definitive animal study conducted by researchers from the NIH’s National Toxicology Program found that the radiation emitted by 2G and 3G phones caused cancerous brain and heart tumors in male rats. The study took longer than a decade to carry out and cost the government $25 million.
Dr. John Bucher, the study’s lead author, warned, “We believe that the link between radio frequency radiation and tumors in male rats is real.”

What Does Mormonism Teach?
by Matt Slick
The doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) are very interesting. Most of the ‘odd’ ones are not initially taught to potential converts, but they should be. Instead, “they are revealed later as one matures and gains the ability to accept them.” The LDS Church tries to make its official doctrines appear Christian, but what underlies those Christian-sounding terms is far from Christian in meaning.
Following are the teachings of its officials throughout the years. Please note that these teachings are documented from Mormon writers – not anti-Mormon writers.
Finally, many Mormons respond that most of the citations below are not from official Mormon writings as if that disproves the doctrines they teach. If they are not official, fine. But if not, then why have the Mormon apostles and high officials taught them and written them, and why are their books sold in Mormon bookstores? The truth is the following is what Mormons are taught.
1.Atonement 1.”Jesus paid for all our sins when He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane,” (Laurel Rohlfing, “Sharing Time: The Atonement,” Friend, Mar. 1989, p. 39.).
2.”We accept Christ’s atonement by repenting of our sins, being baptized, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and obeying all of the commandments,” (Gospel Principles, Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1979, p. 68.).
2.Baptism 1.Baptism for the dead, (Doctrines of Salvation, vol. II, p. 141). This is a practice of baptizing each other in place of non-Mormons who are now dead. Their belief is that in the afterlife, the “newly baptized” person will be able to enter into a higher level of Mormon heaven.
3.Bible 1.”We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. . .” (8th Article of Faith of the Mormon Church).
2.”Wherefore, thou seest that after the book hath gone forth through the hands of the great and abominable church, that there are many plain and precious things taken away from the book, which is the book of the Lamb of God,” (1 Nephi 13:28).
4.Book of Mormon 1.The book of Mormon is more correct than the Bible, (History of the Church, 4:461).
5.Devil, the 1.The Devil was born as a spirit after Jesus “in the morning of pre-existence,” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 192).

Netanyahu announces he will take over as Israeli Defense Minister
By News Desk – 2018-11-14
BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:40 P.M.) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday afternoon that he will take over the role as Defense Minister.
Netanyahu’s decision to take over as Defense Minister comes just two hours after Avigdor Lieberman announced his resignation from this role.
Lieberman’s reason for resigning was due to his discontent over the recent ceasefire agreement that was established between the Palestinians and Israelis.
Netanyahu will now assume the role as Israel’s Defense Minister, along with Prime Minister, Health Minister, and Foreign Minister.
Some Palestinian groups, including Hamas, are now hailing Lieberman’s resignation as a political victory against Israel.

Interesting Subjects at The Evening Free Beacon
Washington Free Beacon – Nov 14, 2018 at 4:31 PM
Subject: Avenatti Arrested for Domestic Violence: ‘She Hit Me First’
By Jeffrey Cimmino – Dem Rep-Elect Expresses Concern He Could Face Retribution for Not Supporting Pelosi
By Cameron Cawthorne – Anti-Pelosi Democrats: We Are ‘100% Confident We Can Forge New Leadership’
By Aryssa Damron – Schumer: ‘I Believe’ Bill Nelson Won Senate Election, Broward Just Takes ‘Longer to Count’
By Paul Crookston – Pelosi Thanks Al Sharpton for ‘Saving America’
By Cameron Cawthorne –

Sanhedrin Calls On Jerusalem’s Next Mayor To Prepare For Rebuilding The Temple

Jerusalem will have a new mayor this coming week and more than any other election this year will decide the religious nature of Israel’s capital. The nascent Sanhedrin has addressed a letter to the two candidates emphasizing the role of the Third Temple in municipal current policy.
The Jerusalem mayoral election held last week ran five candidates, but the results were so close that an additional runoff vote next week is needed to choose between the top two. Moshe Lion with 33 percent of the vote and Ofer Berkovitch with 29 percent will run off against each other – with neither achieving the 40 percent of the electorate required to win office.
The politics of the eternal Jewish capital are most fiercely fought on the battlefield of religion. In addition to his political connections, Lion, religiously observant, was endorsed by leading ultra-Orthodox rabbis, an important asset in a city in which the Haredi represent approximately 35% of the overall Jewish vote.

Singer Céline Dion Launches Gender-Neutral Clothing Line In Creepy Ad Promoting The New World Order
by Geoffrey Grider

Céline Dion says she hopes to “encourage a dialogue of equality and possibility” by launching a gender-neutral children’s clothing line.
There is so much going on in this commercial, it’s hard to know where to look first as your eyes are drawn all over the place. In a nutshell, Céline Dion has launched a new line of clothing for babies, the outstanding feature of which is that it is gender neutral. But it is much more than that. The commercial makes great fanfare of doing away with the traditional, and might I add, festive colors of pink for girls and blue for boys. But what does Dion replace that with?
“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27 (KJV)
She replaces it with a very sinister looking black and white theme, as black crosses swing on ropes from the ceiling. As the camera pans over the babies wearing the new gender neutral outfits, it lingers for a moment on one that has the words ‘NEW ORDER’ emblazoned across the front. A nice confirmation that all this gender neutral confusion being pushed by the LGBTQP is actually coming from the New World Order.
I am actually surprised that this commercial did not also feature the babies receiving microchips along with their new outfits, but I am sure that’s not very far behind.
Céline Dion Launches A Gender-Neutral Clothing Line For Kids
FROM HUFF POST: The five-time Grammy winner unveiled the CELINUNUNU collection late Tuesday with a quirky, James Bond-style ad. In it, she’s chased by security guards as she attempts to escape from the maternity ward of a hospital. In it, she’s shown in the maternity ward of a hospital, blowing a handful of sparkling confetti over a group of infants and, as if by magic, replacing their traditional pink and blue sleepwear is replaced by black and white, non-gender-specific ensembles. She’s later chased out of the ward by security guards as she attempts to escape before being hauled off to jail.

Netanyahu Scrambles to Stabilize Coalition with Razor-Thin Majority
November 15, 2018
The departure of Yisrael Beiteinu from the government leaves Netanyahu with a razor-thin one-seat majority in the Knesset.

By Benjamin Kerstein, The Algemeiner
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scrambling to shore up his governing coalition following the resignation of Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, the Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot reported on Wednesday.
The Yisrael Beiteinu leader resigned on Wednesday in protest of Netanyahu’s “capitulation to terror” — Liberman’s description of the Gaza ceasefire reached after a surge of violence earlier this week that included the firing of more than 400 rockets into southern Israel.

House GOP picks McCarthy as leader
by Harvest Prude Posted 11/14/18, 04:04 pm
WASHINGTON—House Republicans on Wednesday elected Kevin McCarthy of California as minority leader, fending off a challenge from Jim Jordan of Ohio. McCarthy won with a 159-43 vote. The new session of Congress that begins in January represents the first time since 2011 that Republicans will be the minority party in the House. McCarthy has served as the House Majority Leader since 2014. Steve Scalise of Louisiana will remain the Republican whip, while Liz Cheney of Wyoming, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, will serve as GOP conference chairwoman.
Current House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who is retiring, backed McCarthy as the “right person” to lead the GOP in the House. McCarthy is a more moderate Republican than Jordan, who is a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus. Jordan said Republicans lost the House for not adhering more closely to President Donald Trump’s priorities and fulfilling campaign promises such as funding a border wall and repealing the Affordable Care Act.
House Democrats will wait until after Thanksgiving to elect their leaders.

Hee Haw star Roy Clark has died

by Lynde Langdon Posted 11/15/18, 01:08 pm
Roy Clark, the musician and comedian who hosted the variety show Hee Haw for nearly a quarter century, died Thursday at his home in Tulsa, Okla., from complications of pneumonia, publicist Jeremy Westby said. He was 85. Clark played the guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, and other instruments. He took up guitar as a teen and played with bands across the country before releasing popular singles such as “The Tips of My Fingers” (1963) and “Yesterday When I Was Young” (1969). He was host or co-host of the country music and comedy show Hee Haw throughout its 24 year run, which ended in 1992. He also guest-hosted The Tonight Show several times in the 1960s and 1970s when it was rare for a country performer to land such a role. He was one of the first country singers to open a theater in Branson, Mo., in 1983, and was inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2009.
Clark released several gospel albums and wrote in 1977 of how, as a struggling singer, he rededicated his life to God after his wife survived a dangerous illness. “Doing right, I realized now, was following God and really listening to Him—not to one’s own blind ambition,” Clark wrote. “That was the way to make it as a singer or as anything else—to put Him first.”

Christian Radio Host Hank Hanegraaff’s Cancer Goes into Remission
Kayla Koslosky | Editor | Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Nationally syndicated Christian radio host Hank Hanegraaff announced last week on Facebook that after 20 months of battling the deadly disease, his cancer has gone into remission.

In a Facebook video posted on Thursday, Hanegraaff told his followers that he heard the one word he was not expecting to hear so soon: remission.
Hanegraaff said, “The bottom line is I heard a word that I didn’t think I would hear – at least this soon. And that is the word remission.”
The Bible Answer Man host continued saying, “So, for the first time since I started this battle with cancer 20 months ago, I am finally in remission.”
“It’s been an interesting journey,” he added.
According to CBN News, Hanegraaff was diagnosed on April 15, 2017, with a form of cancer called mantle cell lymphoma, and according to the video he spent most of 2017 undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
Hanegraaff told listeners that doctors attempted to do a bone marrow transplant on him, but doctors were unable to collect enough cells to perform the procedure. At this point, he said, “we really didn’t know what to do, so we did nothing.”

Dianne Feinstein’s husband wins near-billion dollar California ‘high speed rail’ contract
By Thomas Lifson reprint – November 18, 2018
Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Wins Near-Billion Dollar California ‘High Speed Rail’ Contract – March 20, 2015
To the surprise of absolutely no one familiar with the ways of Corruptifornia, the one-party state completely in the hands of the Democrats, a consortium whose lead firm is controlled by Richard Blum, husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, was awarded a nearly billion-dollar contract for the construction of the first phase of the so-called high-speed rail line to link San Francisco and Los Angeles. Those paying attention to the project call it the “half-fast” rail line because it will share trackage with conventional commuter rail trains in the sprawling Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, lowering its average speed to levels achieved by American railways a century ago.

Source email: “Dianne Feinstein’s Husband got contract to build high speed rail system exactly where all the fires were started with energy weapons. Coincidence? see earlier post below for map… or google California wild fires line up under images. Ohhh also NANCY PELOSI’S HUSBAND OWNS THE MAJORITY OF STOCK IN THAT COMPANY..THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE WOULDN’T SELL THERE LAND SO, I GUESS THEY THOUGHT IT WOULD BE EASIER TO BURN THEM OUT..JUST SICK.. FOLLOW THE MONEY

Gene-Edited Food Is Coming, But Will Shoppers Buy?

YouTube Posted By: Lauren Neergaard November 14, 2018
Collectively, Technocrat-minded scientists will pollute and degrade the world’s gene pool, one modification at a time. Editing DNA on one plant or animal is one thing. Editing hundreds or thousands of species is insanity. ? TN Editor
The next generation of biotech food is headed for the grocery aisles, and first up may be salad dressings or granola bars made with soybean oil genetically tweaked to be good for your heart.
By early next year, the first foods from plants or animals that had their DNA “edited” are expected to begin selling. It’s a different technology than today’s controversial “genetically modified” foods, more like faster breeding that promises to boost nutrition, spur crop growth, and make farm animals hardier and fruits and vegetables last longer.
The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has declared gene editing one of the breakthroughs needed to improve food production so the world can feed billions more people amid a changing climate. Yet governments are wrestling with how to regulate this powerful new tool. And after years of confusion and rancor, will shoppers accept gene-edited foods or view them as GMOs in disguise?

EXCLUSIVE: President Trump Calls For Brenda Snipes To Be Fired

1:57 PM 11/14/2018 | Politics – Saagar Enjeti and Benny Johnson | Reporters
President Donald Trump believes that embattled Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes is a “disgrace” and should be fired.
The president spoke to The Daily Caller in an exclusive, wide-ranging interview Wednesday at the White House. The president did not mince words when asked about Snipes and the Florida recount.
Snipes has come under fire by media and elected Republicans for multiple irregularities in her vote reporting. After the Florida Senate race was called for Republican Gov. Rick Scott on election night, election supervisors in Broward and Palm Beach counties were still adding votes to their tally, in violation of Florida reporting law. In the subsequent days, Snipes defied a judge’s order to submit “over-voted” and “under-voted” absentee ballots for public review and admitted to “accidentally” mixing illegal ballots in with good ones. The illegal ballots “cannot be identified” now, according to Snipes.
TheDC asked the president specifically if he considers this behavior illegal and what Snipes’ future in her role as an election official should be.
“She’s a disaster,” Trump said.

See the Media Myths about the Caravan Exposed

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 @ 2:34 PM
ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand’s Daily Digest – the day’s top blogs from AFA.
By Dr. Robert Youngblood Assistant Digital Media Editor
Digital Media Editor MORE
You hear the stories, but now, see the pictures as they celebrate buses pulling up, supplies being delivered, and the kind of assistance which makes you realize: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”
The clues of the stink are often in the scenes of those wearing the logoed black t-shirts, though you’ll see others too.
It is an organization started by “an activist for immigrants living illegally in the United States” according to InfluenceWatch, a project of Capital Research Center (emphasis added).
Living illegally within America? Our laws tempt honest migrants to break laws. Let’s start them on the right foot by having them follow our laws through legal ports of entry. That should be “End of Story.”
But it isn’t, is it? The organization, Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders), is heavily funded and is helping the caravan.
And their intentions? If you believe in the sovereignty of the United States and our rights to a border controlled by the rule of law, then their intentions border on sinister as they attempt to weaken both. They attempt to create disorder at the border.

Cars could be powered by water with new Israeli technology
By ISRAEL21c —— Bio and Archives–November 14, 2018
Could cars someday run on water, not oil? Australian-Israeli startup Electriq-Global is giving a wet thumbs-up to a new fuel technology that extracts hydrogen from water and turns that hydrogen into electricity to power the vehicle.
Using hydrogen to power a car’s engine is not unique to Electric-Global; hydrogen fuel cells using compressed hydrogen in gaseous form already compete with lithium-ion battery-powered electric vehicles, like those from Tesla.
Electriq-Global’s difference is that it gets its hydrogen from a fuel comprised of 60 percent water.
In the Electriq-Global system, liquid fuel reacts with a catalyst to release hydrogen on demand. The spent fuel is captured and taken back to a plant where it is replenished with more hydrogen and water for re-use.
A fuel recycling plant to be established in Israel has the support of the Israeli Transportation Ministry.
Electriq-Global claims the entire process is safe, nonflammable, easy to transport and enables zero-emissions vehicles.—More….

Major Epidemic NOW Happening In America & If Something Isn’t Done To Stop It, We’ll Pay A Deep Price
Lisa Haven Nov 28, 2018

Nov 25, 2018 SGTreport

Russian Imperialism: Nationalism Disguised As ‘Socialism’

By VT Senior Editors – November 13, 2018
By Nauman Sadiq, VT Islamabad
Many neoliberals are under the impression that communism failed due to wasteful economic policies adopted by the former Soviet Union. Economic weakness must have played a role, but it was only secondary to the primary role played by politics and a desire for enfranchisement in three-quarters of a century old autocratic political system, especially among the non-Slavic population of the erstwhile Soviet Union.
If we take a cursory look at the history of the dissolution of the former Soviet Union in December 1991, it appears that the communist system collapsed due to Mikhail Gorbachev’s liberalization policies of Glasnost, or openness, and Perestroika, or restructuring.
The Glasnost phenomena is especially important because it sheds light on the impact of new technology on the social and political life of a country. The late 1980s was the era of the emergence of satellite television in the developing world and it coincided with the political developments in the former Soviet Union. The impact of relatively independent media, such as privately owned television channels and radio stations, cannot be underestimated in creating awareness among the masses.

The Crypto Carnage

November 14, 2018 by IWB by Chris
The long wedge has been broken to the downside…. Solidly.
The reports of the past few weeks of people not able to get their fiat out of bitfinex for many days and weeks with radio silence from the “help desk” at Bf was pretty telling.
I’d be personally terrified of not getting my money back if I were stuck in there…
I suspect we’re also just a go and a skip away from the tether fraud being exposed.
Trade safe everyone…
If I had to guess, I’d say that whatever hedge or macro fund that blew up on the oil trade was into cryptos as well.

Martial Law Dead Ahead? 72 Beliefs Targeted In Official Gov’t Documents—The Endgame’s Here

November 14, 2018 by IWB

Acting AG Whitaker: Special Counsel ‘Required’ To Investigate Clinton Foundation Whitaker said there is more than enough evidence to investigate Clintons By: Jacky Murphy NeonNettle on 14th November 2018 @ 4.00pm


‘Now we’ll be able to really fly’
Published: 11/14/2018 at 3:56 PM
She doesn’t believe in God or Jesus Christ, but an atheist minister is being allowed to keep her position at a church that calls itself Christian.

The case of Rev. Gretta Vosper had been dubbed by some as a “heresy trial,” and in an “unexpected development” as one news outlet termed it, the United Church of Canada has come to terms with the woman, leaving her free to minister to her congregation in Toronto.
“It’s going to be wonderful,” Vosper told the Canadian Press. “We’ll be out from underneath that heavy cloud. Now we’ll be able to really fly.”
“There have been times of elation when I have felt the incredible support and energy of that support and love and affirmation from my congregation and across the country and around the world,” she added. “And there have been moments of incredible despair.”
Vosper had been under fire for her professed atheism and faced an “unprecedented” ecclesiastical court hearing until the deal was reached. The exact terms were not disclosed.
In 2016, after an investigation, the Conference Interview Committee for the United Church’s Toronto Conference ruled 19-4 that Vosper was “not suitable” to remain as a minister.
“In our opinion, she is not suitable to continue in ordained ministry because she does not believe in God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit,” the committee said, according to the Christian Post.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Gives Amazon Credit, Says ‘They Took The Best Deal’

3:23 PM 11/14/2018 – Politics – Saagar Enjeti and Benny Johnson | Reporters
President Donald Trump acknowledged the advantage of Amazon’s major benefits packages from Crystal City, Virginia, and Long Island City in Queens, New York, for deciding to place two major facilities in both places during an exclusive Oval Office interview with The Daily Caller. “I think they’re paying a very big price,” Trump said of Arlington and New York City’s decision, but added, “It was a competition. I know all about those competitions. I’ve been in those competitions — a lot of cities were competing for it. They took the best deals, you know?” Amazon announced Tuesday it would locate two major facilities in Crystal City and New York City, with 25,000 employees assigned to each. Amazon received billions of dollars in subsidies from both cities to build their new facilities.
New York alone will offer nearly $1.5 billion in subsidies to Amazon with Virginia offering approximately $500 million. The subsidies are contingent on Amazon delivering a promised number of jobs to the region. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Trump Calls Acosta ‘Bad For The Country’) The president continued on both cities decisions, saying, “They’re giving up a lot; they’re expensive deals. Only time will tell. Maybe Amazon will have massive competition and they won’t be the same company in five years in which case it would be a big mistake.”

Technology for IMMORTALITY will be Available by 2050
Universe Inside You Nov 13, 2018

Jewish Home in ultimatum to Netanyahu: Give us Defense Ministry or we leave
By Raoul Wootliff
Party officials say they will pull out of government, forcing new elections, if the PM doesn’t appoint Bennett as Liberman’s successor

Moshe Lion confirmed as Jerusalem mayor as votes by soldiers, prisoners tallied

Ultra-Orthodox-backed candidate gets insurmountable lead over secular rival Ofer Berkovitch after extremely close race

Britain’s Prince Charles turns 70 with party, new family photos
Britain’s Prince Charles is turning 70 with a family birthday party, and a firm commitment to his environmentalist views.
Charles is due to have tea today with a group of people who are also turning 70 this year, before a Buckingham Palace party thrown by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.
The prince’s Clarence House office releases two family portraits to mark the birthday. The photos by Chris Jackson show Charles with his wife Camilla, sons Prince William and Prince Harry, their wives Kate and Meghan and his grandchildren: 6-year-old Prince George, 3-year-old Princess Charlotte and 6-month-old Prince Louis.
By Michael Bachner 14 November 2018, 12:53 pm | ?4
image: In this handout image provided by Clarence House and taken on September 5, 2018, Britain’s Prince Charles poses for an official portrait to mark his 70th Birthday in the gardens of Clarence House, with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, in London, England. (Chris Jackson/Pool Photo)

Defense Minister Liberman resigns, says Israel ‘capitulated to terror’ in Gaza
Yisrael Beytenu leader slams ‘drastically inadequate’ response to massive rocket fire on south, calls for elections as soon as possible; Netanyahu to take over defense portfolio
By RAOUL WOOTLIFF – 14 November 2018, 1:48 pm 20
Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman announced Wednesday that he would be resigning as defense minister and called for the government to be dismantled and for new elections to be set.

“I am here to announce my resignation from the government,” he said at a hastily organized press conference at the Knesset after a Yisrael Beytenu party meeting, during which he told MKs of his decision.

A & O Productions Nov 24, 2018

grindall61 Nov 26, 2018

URGENT! 5G, A.I, Quantum Computing, D.WAVE Geordie Rose & CERN.

Message from ANONYMOUS 11/20/2018

This Video Will Change Everything You Know!..(2018-2019)
The Watchman

Inside The Search For Nearly 1,000 People Missing From The California Wildfire (HBO)
VICE News Nov 19, 2018

Paradise Lost # 15 ~ Incredible Aerial Footage…More Proof! This was NOT a Forest Fire Nov 27, 2018

Angela Merkel’s Jewish legacy

By Toby AxelrodNovember 7, 2018 5:12pm
BERLIN (JTA) — Israeli author Eldad Beck regards Angela Merkel’s engagement with Israel and Judaism as “spectacular.”
Germany’s chancellor has “developed a very personal connection to the State of Israel and the Jewish people, [becoming] one of the rare German politicians who – when speaking about lessons learned from the past – really knows what she is talking about, and really means it,” said Beck, whose book, “Chancellor Merkel, Israel and the Jews,” was published in Hebrew last year by Yedioth Books. “Not like so many other German politicians who repeat slogans they have learned to say.”
Yet it can be argued that Merkel the politician may have become a victim of her own humanitarian convictions – opening doors to more than a million people and showing the world a kinder, gentler Germany.
Merkel calls for creation of ‘European army,’ backing Macron in spat with Trump
? Wednesday, November 14, 2018 | ?Tag Cloud Tags: Angela Merkel, EU, Euro, Europe, Media, NATO, News, nuclear, Russia, Security, Trump, Worthy News
(Worthy News) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday backed French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in his call for a European army — a move that President Trump has called “insulting” as he urged the countries to fulfill their NATO commitments instead.
Merkel told lawmakers in the E.U. Parliament in Strasbourg that “we have to work on the vision of one day creating a real European army.” She clarified the such a force would not mean the end of NATO, and also called for the creation of a European security council. Merkel made the remarks after the idea was floated by Macron last week, when he said that Europe was “the main victim of Trump’s decision to withdraw from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia. [ Source: Fox News (Read More…) ]

That was the backdrop to Merkel’s decision last month to take her name out of contention in future German elections.

Angela Merkel’s Jewish legacy

How an Iranian asylum seeker raised over $1 million for the Pittsburgh synagogue
Shay Khatiri isn’t Jewish, but he felt called to action upon learning of the shooting at the Tree of Life.

Khashayar “Shay” Khatiri says he was motivated to raise money for Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue because of his experiences with Jewish friends and mentors. (Courtesy of Khatiri)
(JTA) — Khashayar “Shay” Khatiri doesn’t like taking too much credit for the money he raised for the Pittsburgh synagogue where a shooting took place last month.
“It’s not my fundraiser,” Khatiri, 29, said in a phone interview with JTA on Thursday. “It’s the fundraiser that I started, but it belongs to everybody who donated.”
The Iran native and Washington, D.C., resident has made headlines across the country for helping to raise over $1 million in the aftermath of the shooting, in which a gunman killed 11 people at the Tree of Life Congregation.
Khatiri, who is not Jewish, says that he was moved to action shortly after learning about the shooting. The graduate student was staying at a Jewish friend’s apartment on the morning of the deadly attack.
“I woke up, and she gave me the news and it was very upsetting,” recalled Khatiri, who is seeking political asylum in the United States due to his political activism against the Iranian government.

How an Iranian asylum seeker raised over $1 million for the Pittsburgh synagogue

Armed With Knives, a Massive Muslim Caravan of Over 20,000 Crossing Over Into Europe
by Geri Ungurean
Is it merely coincidence that Europe is about to be invaded by a huge caravan of illegal immigrants? The only difference between this and the caravan demanding entrance into the U.S. is that Europe’s immigrants are all Muslim.
And now it is being reported that nearly every one of these so-called refugees is armed with knives.
The Lies of Emanuel Macron. During the celebration of the end of WWI which was held in France, Macron delivered a verbal lashing to leaders of countries who are nationalists or populists. The French leader declared that nationalism is the opposite of patriotism.
It was obvious to all who attended that Macron was pointing his finger at President Trump.

5G network uses same EMF waves as Pentagon crowd control system
Posted by Erin Elizabeth | Nov 8, 2018
Terence Newton, Staff Writer, Waking Times
The global rollout of 5G is well underway, and we soon may see new small cell towers near all schools, on every residential street, dispersed throughout the natural environment, and pretty much everywhere. But the safety of this technology is in serious question, and there is a raging battle to stop the taxpayer-funded implementation of 5G.
The new cell network uses high band radio frequency millimeter waves to deliver high bandwidth data to any device within line of sight.

Hundreds of birds dead during 5G experiment in The Hague, The Netherlands
Posted by Erin Elizabeth | Nov 5, 2018
About a week ago at The Hague, many birds died spontaneously, falling dead in a park. You likely haven’t heard a lot about this because it seems keeping it quiet was the plan all along. However, when about 150 more suddenly died- bringing the death toll to 297- some started to take notice.

And if you are looking around that park you might have seen what is on the corner of the roof across the street from where they died: a new 5G mast, where they had done a test, in connection with the Dutch railway station, to see how large the range was and whether no harmful equipment would occur on and around the station.
And harm happened, indeed. Immediately afterward, birds fell dead from the trees. And the nearby ducks that were swimming seemed to react very oddly as well; they were simultaneously putting their heads underwater to escape the radiation while others flew away, landing on the street or in the canal.
Again, almost at the exact same time that those animals died, near the station, Holland Spoor was tested with a 5G transmitter mast.

Netanyahu Is Pushing Palestinians Into a Pressure Cooker, Assuming It Won’t Explode in Israel’s Face
Crushing Palestinian aspirations is no less significant for the prime minister than derailing the Iran nuclear deal
Chemi Shalev Nov 27, 2018 6:05 PM
Benjamin Netanyahu’s foreign policy has been, by his lights, a resounding success. The United States is in his pocket, at least until Donald Trump presents his “deal of the century.” Europe is mostly engaged…

The Bank of Israel Just Voted Against Bibi
The timing of the Israeli central bank’s first rate hike in seven years is strange and there’s no clear economic case for it: The bank seems to have been sending a political message

David Rosenberg Nov 27, 2018 2:47 PM
It may be true that all the world’s a stage, but the Bank of Israel rarely gets more than a bit part in the drama.

Trump Tweets Incoherent Warning to Macron, Suggests Germany Could Invade France Again
While the text of the tweet is cryptic, Trump appeared to be warning that Germany may invade France again without NATO and U.S. protection

Haaretz SendSend me email alerts
Nov 14, 2018 4:09 PMU.S. President Donald Trump issued a bizarre warning Tuesday about French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal for Europe to create its own army.
Trump tweeted, “Emmanuel Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China and Russia. But it was Germany in World Wars One & Two – How did that work out for France? They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not!”

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