More News: October 2018 (2)

More News: October-2

Pocahontas claims DNA test proves she is 1/512th Native American
GOPUSA Staff United Press International – October 15, 2018
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren released the results of a DNA test Monday that indicates she is part Native American, a detail behind a long-running feud between she and President Donald Trump.
Her assertion of Native American heritage, as told to her by her mother, was an issue in her 2012 senatorial campaign and has been intensified by Trump, who has mockingly referred to her as “Pocahontas.”

Pocahontas claims DNA test proves she is 1/512th Native American

Scientists Freak Out Over Pandemic Potential Of Genetically Engineered Smallpox
By: Tyler Durden – October 15, 2018 – The fact that 300 million people have died from Smallpox was not enough to stop Technocrat scientists from using CRISPR DNA editing technology to bioengineer the killer virus – and then tell the world how they did it1! Again, Technocrat scientists invent because they can, not because there is any good reason to do so. TN Editor
Following the release of a paper earlier this year which describes how researchers stitched together segments of DNA in order to revive horsepox – a previously eradicated virus, scientists have been flipping out over the possibility that bad actors may use the study as a blueprint to revive smallpox.
The disease killed an estimated 300 million people before the World Health Organization deemed it eradicated following a long vaccination campaign. Thus, the publication of a method for reviving a closely related disease has understandably raised some red flags within the scientific community, reports
Critics argue that the paper not only demonstrates that you can synthesize a deadly pathogen for what Science reported was about US$100,000 in lab expenses, but even provides a slightly-too-detailed-for-comfort overview of how to do it.×437.jpg

Chaos In The Streets: The Civil Unrest That So Many Have Been Predicting Is Coming To America Is Now Here
October 14, 2018 by Michael Snyder – Nobody should want to see Americans beating the daylights out of other Americans in our city streets, but it is starting to happen with alarming regularity. Americans have become more radicalized politically than ever before, and there is certainly nothing wrong with being passionate about what you believe, but way too often these very strong feelings are leading to outbursts of anger and violence. The “left” hates the “right” and the “right” hates the “left”, and the mainstream media and many of our leading politicians are having a good old time stirring the pot on a continual basis. It is almost as if they actually want violence to happen. For a very long time, many of us have been warning that civil unrest is coming to America, and now it is here.

Chaos In The Streets: The Civil Unrest That So Many Have Been Predicting Is Coming To America Is Now Here

Family Doctors’ Lobby Lifts Opposition to Assisted Suicide
Resolution bans use of the term, urges AMA to reconsider longstanding opposition
By Bill Morris – October 15, 2018 – One of the nation’s largest doctors’ lobbies has retracted its opposition to assisted suicide. Delegates from the American Academy of Family Physicians, which represents more than 130,000 doctors nationwide, voted to change the group’s stance to “engaged neutrality” on the question of whether physicians should be able to prescribe lethal medications to patients. The resolution was reached at the organization’s Congress of Delegates held last week in New Orleans. AAFP president Michael Munger said in a statement posted to the group’s website that the resolution was designed to help doctors care for their patients. “Through our ongoing and continuous relationship with our patients, family physicians are well-positioned to counsel patients on end-of-life care, and we are engaged in creating change in the best interest of our patients,” Dr. Munger said.
The resolution goes further than reversing the group’s longstanding opposition. It also seeks to eliminate the phrase “assisted suicide” and replace it with “medical aid in dying,” the preferred term used by supporters of the practice. It also encourages AAFP to woo other physician groups to reverse their opposition. AAFP will seek to convince the national American Medical Association, the largest health care group in the country, to ditch its opposition to assisted suicide and embrace a neutral position—a move that several health care chapters have done at the state level.

Domestic Terror Group ANTIFA Burns The American Flag As Portland Mayor Defends Non-Intervention Policy
October 14, 2018 – Members of ANTIFA clashed with “Patriot Prayer” in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, in the latest ugly incident in the progressive, “tolerant” city. Video shows agitators burning an American flag in the street, before it gets snatched away and extinguished by American patriot group.

Internet Censorship Just Took An Unprecedented Leap Forward, And Hardly Anyone Noticed
by Tyler Durden – 10/14/2018 – Authored by Cailtin Johnstone via,
While most indie media was focused on debating the way people talk about Kanye West and the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an unprecedented escalation in internet censorship took place which threatens everything we all care about. It received frighteningly little attention.
After a massive purge of hundreds of politically oriented pages and personal accounts for “inauthentic behavior”, Facebook rightly received a fair amount of criticism for the nebulous and hotly disputed basis for that action. What received relatively little attention was the far more ominous step which was taken next: within hours of being purged from Facebook, multiple anti-establishment alternative media sites had their accounts completely removed from Twitter as well.
As of this writing I am aware of three large alternative media outlets which were expelled from both platforms at almost the same time: Anti-Media, the Free Thought Project, and Police the Police, all of whom had millions of followers on Facebook. Both the Editor-in-Chief of Anti-Media and its Chief Creative Officer were also banned by Twitter, and are being kept from having any new accounts on that site as well.

World’s oldest woman, 129, who says her long life is a punishment from God remembers the one happy day in her life – when she returned home after surviving a Stalin purge in World War TwoKoku Istambulova is 129 according to her Russian passport and pension papers
•She remembers how Chechen people were deported en masse by Stalin – •Koku was 54 at the time, having lived through coronation of tsar Nicholas II
By Will Stewart for MailOnline – October 13, 2018 – A woman who claims to be the oldest person in the world has told of the brutality of her deportation into Soviet internal exile by tyrant Stalin during World War Two.
Koku Istambulova is 129 according to her Russian passport and pension papers which show her date of birth as 1 June 1889.
Now in lucid and deeply shocking testimony, she has spoken emotionally of the appalling day her native Chechen people were deported en masse by Stalin to the steppes of Kazakhstan almost 75 years ago and says the only happy day in all her years was when she entered a home built from her own hands back in her native land.

The Next Phase Begins-Chinese Intelligence Officer Charged with Economic Espionage from Leading U.S. Aviation Companies
October 14, 2018- By BZ AM Riger – Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 – Chinese Intelligence Officer Charged with Economic Espionage Involving Theft of Trade Secrets from Leading U.S. Aviation Companies
A Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) operative, Yanjun Xu, aka Qu Hui, aka Zhang Hui, has been arrested and charged with conspiring and attempting to commit economic espionage and steal trade secrets from multiple U.S. aviation and aerospace companies. Xu was extradited to the United States yesterday.

H.J.Res.104 – To designate March 26, 1991, as “Education Day, U.S.A.”.[include the Noahide Laws]
102nd Congress (1991-1992) –

BOMBSHELL: Christine Blasey Ford’s letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein revealed to be a total FAKE… contains 14 glaring errors that could only be committed by a poorly educated writer
September 25, 2018 by: Mike Adams – Tags: Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Ford, Dianne Feinstein, Fake, fake news, fraud, hoax, left cult, letter, lies
(Natural News) A bombshell revelation is rocking the political world today as it is revealed the letter released by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who claims the letter was written by Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, is a fake that could not possibly have been authored by Ford.
Inconsistencies in the letter were first noticed by Dannielle Blumenthal PhD (@DrDannielle on Twitter). I have conducted significant additional analysis (see below) and included the problems noticed by Dr. Blumenthal. In total, there are now fourteen errors or problems in the “Dr. Ford” letter that indicate it was not authored by Dr. Ford.

End Times Bible Prophecy Update 10:14:18
J.D. Farag –

John MacArthur Partners With Rick Warren
Servus Christi – Oct 4, 2018 – John MacArthur is now partnering with Rick Warren. The “Purpose Driven” author is one of the worst heretics being an ecumenical leader who wants to unite with Catholics. His follies are many, and now Johnny Mac is officially partnering with him.
They will be united in fellowship and proclamation at the NRB Proclaim 2019 event where MacArthur’s friend Al Mohler also partnered with Warren a few years ago.
Apostasy is on the rise and popular “discernment” ministries of the day are all silent.

[Mike became a Republican to win the election in 2001 for mayor of New York.He plans to run for president in 2020, wants to make sure he can win. He is changing back to the Democrats. His religion is Progressive Judaism, sometimes called Reform Judaism is a movement within Judaism. This movement has its roots in a movement in 19th century Germany. There are a number of movements which fall under these denominations. In very basic terms: He has two children.
Michael Rubens Bloomberg is an American businessman, politician, author, and philanthropist. As of June 2018, his net worth was estimated at $51.8 billion, making him the 8th-richest person in the United States and the 11th richest person in the world. Wikipedia & Google Search
Born: February 14, 1942 (age 76 years), Brighton, Boston, MA
Height: 5′ 8? – Net worth: 45.9 billion USD (2018) – Partner: Diana Taylor (2000–) – Spouse: Susan Brown (m. 1975–1993)]
At key points in U.S. history, one of the two parties has served as a bulwark against those who threaten our Constitution. Two years ago at the Democratic Convention, I warned of those threats. Today, I have re-registered as a Democrat – I had been a member for most of my life – because we need Democrats to provide the checks and balance our nation so badly needs. mikebloombergAt key points in U.S. history, one of the two parties has served as a bulwark against those who threaten our Constitution. Two years ago at the Democratic Convention, I warned of those threats. Today, I have re-registered as a Democrat – I had been a member for most of my life – because we need Democrats to provide the checks and balance our nation so badly needs.

The REAL WAR for the future of humanity: Democrats increasingly possessed by demonic forces that seek the extermination of humanity?
October 10, 2018 by: Mike Adams – (Natural News) What follows in this article is a thought experiment. Many believe the phenomena described here to be real. What do you believe?
—- Begin thought experiment —- Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, just pointed out that the political Left has “literally been taken over by evil.” (Source) It turns out he’s more correct than even he might realize. Over the last several years, Leftists have morphed into an irrational, hate-filled violent mob of “Demoncrats” that don’t even resemble conscious human beings.
Operating like a zombie swarm of mindless lunatics, they are now taking over entire cities like Portland, Oregon, where even the local police now stand down and allow deranged Left-wing mobs to run the city. Watch this astonishing video where an elderly white man is being harassed, racially verbally assaulted and then has his vehicle windows smashed by deranged left-wing lunatics who have taken over the city of Portland, apparently with the full permission of the snowflake mayor and the pathetic, spineless Portland Police:

Apologetics, Heresy and Cults
October Newesletter 2018 – Discernment Ministries
Apologetics, or the defense of the faith, is a vital part of the protection of the Church. The Devil seeks to rob, kill and destroy and one of the ways he is able to do that very successfully is through false doctrine. Ever since the Garden of Eden he has twisted God’s word to get people to turn away from the Lord to disobedience and sin. The Apostle Paul warns that error will often arise from within the Church “For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves.” (Acts 20:29-30). In Paul’s letters it becomes evident that error often rose from within the Church.


More anchor babies born to illegals in L.A. than 14 states’ total births
October 11, 2018 – Michael F. Haverluck (
Illegals on top of trainA newly released report reveals that today, there are more anchor babies born to illegal aliens in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, California, than there are United States total births in 14 – plus the District of Columbia.
Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) Director of Research Steven Camarotta divulged some staggering statistics about the extent to which illegal immigrants have infiltrated America to give birth to U.S.-born children as a reason to stay in the country.
“Because the United States automatically awards citizenship to all persons born in the country – including those born to temporary visitors or illegal immigrants – the overwhelming majority of these children will stay in the United States,” Camarotta explained in his CIS research report. “In 2014, one in five births (791,000) [20 percent] in the United States was to an immigrant mother (legal or illegal), [and] our best estimate is that legal immigrants accounted for 12.4 percent (494,000) of all births – and illegal immigrants accounted for 7.5 percent (297,000).”

Elementary School Requested By FFRF To Remove ‘Our Daily Bread’ Sign in Cafeteria
Oct 10, 2018 – The Freedom From Religion Foundation is requesting that an elementary school in Jarrettsville, Maryland remove a plaque from the cafeteria which reads ‘Give us…

China Forcing Children to Select ‘No Religion’ Box During Questionnaire in an Attempt to Limit Growth of Christianity
Oct 12, 2018 – Over 300 Christian children in China were asked to complete a form stating that they did not follow a religion in an effort to…
“It is normal for a school to ask parents to fill out a form which includes questions of faith when a child is first enrolled in school, for many years this hasn’t been an issue,” our source, who wished to remain anonymous, explained.
Education in China is entirely government controlled; therefore the children are saturated in Communist ideology. Further, as a result, some Christian children have faced “shaming” incidents; “but the extent of such shaming was to prevent them from joining the Communist Youth League, thereby denying them any of the perks that come with a progression to Communist Party Member later in life,” World Watch Monitor was told.

Built six decades ago for an inmate population of 800, the prison now houses 3,800 — a symptom of a larger malaise.
This may, at first glance, look like an intimate group of male friends and partners sleeping over after a night of partying. But look closer, and you’ll see that some men are sitting up, unable to squeeze in between the overlapping limbs of others. This is the Quezon City jail in Manila, Philippines, where the night turns the cracked cement floor of a basketball court into a bedroom for an overflowing prison population. Prisoners take turns sleeping here. Built six decades ago for an inmate population of 800, the prison now houses 3,800 — a symptom of a larger malaise.

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream
October 14, 2018 – Activist Post Editor’s Note: As we wrote about in 2013, “Medical Nanobots Will Connect Brain to Cloud Computing,” the emergence of DNA nanobots and nanocomputing has been paving the way to reverse engineer the human brain. As Transhumanist Ray Kurzweil detailed at the time, Human Body 2.0 would accelerate toward becoming a full-fledged reality sometime around 2020: In the coming decades, a radical upgrading of our body’s physical and mental systems, already underway, will use nanobots to augment and ultimately replace our organs. We already know how to prevent most degenerative disease through nutrition and supplementation; this will be a bridge to the emerging biotechnology revolution, which in turn will be a bridge to the nanotechnology revolution. By 2030, reverse-engineering of the human brain will have been completed and nonbiological intelligence will merge with our biological brains.

What Will Europe’s Internet Look Like After Passage Of Orwellian Directive?
by Tyler Durden – 10/12/2018 – Last month, members of the EU Parliament voted to advance a controversial copyright directive that contains provisions forcing tech giants to install content filters, while also setting in place a potential tax on hyperlinking.
The bill, known as Article 13, would filter everything anyone posts online and match it to a crowdsourced database of “copyrighted works” which anyone can add or change.
[…] Another portion of the directive, Article 11, is a “link tax” that would ban a quoting more than one word from an article which links to another publication – unless you are using a platform which has paid for a linking license. The link tax does however allow member states to create limitations and exceptions in order to protect online speech. What comes next? Now that the directive has passed through Parliament, the next step, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is the “trilogues,” which are closed-door meetings between European government officials, the European commission and the European Parliament – which will be the last time that the Directive’s language can be substantially changed without a second debate in Parliament.

Massive, coordinated social media PURGE silences hundreds of conservative, libertarian channels before mid-term election
10/12/2018 – By Mike Adams – Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter are committing massive election fraud with a coordinated purge of conservative and libertarian accounts just weeks before the mid-term elections.
What follows are excerpts from Information Liberation (Chris Menahan) and The Organic Prepper (Daisy Luther):
Yesterday, the alternative media purge was boldly advanced in a coordinated effort to silence people who dissent from establishment views. It’s just one more step toward a monopoly on information by those who hate freedom. At this rate, they’ll soon have unquestioned access to the minds of more than 2 billion people. And this should terrify everyone who wants to be free to question the status quo and to seek a wide range of information.
Hundreds of alternative media site administrators logged onto Facebook to discover that their accounts had been removed. Soon after, many of these sites and their writers found that their Twitter accounts had also been suspended.
Popular pages like The AntiMedia (2.1 million fans), The Free Thought Project (3.1 million fans), Press for Truth (350K fans), Police the Police (1.9 million fans), Cop Block (1.7 million fans), and Punk Rock Libertarians (125K fans) are just a few of the ones which were unpublished.

Bavarian Elections: Merkel’s Political Allies Collapse while Nationalist Right Surges!!!
Dr. Steve Turley – Oct 14, 2018 –

Cops Told ‘Don’t Look’ at New iPhones to Avoid Face ID Lock-Out
October 12, 2018 – Source: Motherboard – Vice – After five failed attempts with the ‘wrong’ face, Apple’s Face ID system will fall back to asking a passcode; a tricky situation for investigators.
As Apple continues to update its iPhones with new security features, law enforcement and other investigators are constantly playing catch-up, trying to find the best way to circumvent the protections or to grab evidence. Last month, Forbes reported the first known instance of a search warrant being used to unlock a suspect’s iPhone X with their own face, leveraging the iPhone X’s Face ID feature.

Censorship crackdown? Top 10 alt-media pages newly banned by Facebook & Twitter [Who is who listed]
Published: October 12, 2018
Sites dealing with government transparency, pages dedicated to police brutality and alternative media – take a closer look at the top ten accounts with millions of followers that were recently suspended by Twitter and Facebook.
Source: RT
PAGE: The Free Thought Project
•ABOUT: The widely known website which calls itself “a hub for free thinking conversations” focuses on government transparency. Founded in 2013 by Jason Bassler and Matt Agorist, the site claims to “shed light” on “corrupt entities” across our planet. Its reports have covered the Monsanto row, police brutality and shootings in the US, as well as an insight into how the American government gets personal information about any citizen.
PAGE: The Anti-Media
•ABOUT: Initially launched on Facebook by blogger and entrepreneur Nick Bernabe, the Anti-Media is now an independent news aggregator with a hefty amount of followers. The group, which poses as “non-partisan” and “anti-establishment,” publishes loads of “mainstream” stories, including ones dealing with the UN report about a number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan, the Tesla crisis, and Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Nicholas Bernabe
on Thursday.
Facebook has unpublished my page, The Anti-Media, after falsely accusing us of violating policies. 2.1 million followers and 5 years of work gone…for now.
PAGE: Police the Police
•ABOUT: A page dedicated to exposing US police brutality. The name of the group is apparently inspired by heated discussions following the recent string of deadly shootings by police officers across the country. People on social media, critics and analysts wonder who will regulate police where there is evidence of misconduct.
#Facebook has purged over 800 pages for ‘inauthentic behavior’. Some were alt-media outlets with millions of followers. One of those purged is RT America’s @RachBlevins

SF school board president replaces pledge of allegiance with Maya Angelou poem
GOPUSA Staff Washington Times – October 13, 2018 – The San Francisco school board’s new president, Stevon Cook, is nixing the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings in favor of inspirational quotes that promote inclusion and social justice.
“When you learn, teach. When you get, give,” Mr. Cook quoted the late poet Maya Angelou ahead of his first meeting as school board president Tuesday night.

SF school board president replaces pledge of allegiance with Maya Angelou poem

Paul Offit, MD, Vaccine Authority & Co-inventor, Finally Levels About Vaccinations Being Violent Acts
October 13, 2018 – By Catherine J. Frompovich – If I didn’t have the authentic YouTube video of vaccine-pushing-authority, Dr. Paul Offit, MD, to share with my readers below, you probably would think I’ve “gone off my rocker,” especially if I only quoted him and did not have the physical, visual and audio proof of his admitting numerous suppressed deprecating facts about vaccinations, thereby further empowering parents’ valid reasons for NOT vaccinating their beloved children.
Here are some acknowledgements Dr. Offit finally admits to about vaccinations:
1.Vaccinations aren’t easy. 2.We ask a lot of our citizens to get as many as 26 inoculations in the first year of life. 3.Get 5 shots at one time. 4.It’s a violent act! [No truer words spoken, Dr. Offit, and thank you for admitting that.]
5.You’ve given this biological agent against their will. [Isn’t that medical malpractice and should be prosecuted by law, not “mandated”?] 6.The biological agent isn’t understood well by parents and not understood that well by the physician.

Pollution Caused by Wireless Wi-Fi Radiation is Topic of “Wireless Silent Spring”
October 13, 2018 – By B.N. Frank – Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring was written about environmental harm being caused by pesticides. It is credited as helping to jump-start the environmental movement:
[…] Dr. Cindy Russell’s 14-page article, “Wireless Silent Spring” is about environmental harm being caused by sources of wireless Wi-Fi radiation with an emphasis on cell towers. Wi-Fi is microwave radiation – like what cooks food in ovens. It isn’t magical or harmless even though it’s often portrayed that way in marketing as well as TV and film. Insurance companies are aware of this and aren’t interested in covering wireless exposure related illnesses anymore.

Starling Childs, MS, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies- RF on wildlife
IntentionalTube –

The Purge Is Here: Hundreds of Political Social Media Pages Deleted Without Warning
October 13, 2018 – By Carey Wedler – My page of over two million Facebook followers (Anti-Media) was unpublished today, and I was also suspended from Twitter for no specific reason (Anti-Media was also suspended from Twitter).

Gay marriage: Europe split in two
October 8, 2018 – A referendum in Romania this weekend to define marriage explicitly as between a man and woman underlines the largely East-West split in Europe over same-sex unions. In 2001 the Netherlands became the first country in the world to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in a civil ceremony. Fifteen European countries have followed: Belgium, Britain (but not Northern Ireland, which only accepts civil partnerships), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, with Austria due to join next year.

AMERICA’S CHOICE: The Bible? or The Gay Agenda? We can’t have it both ways
Does the Bible teach against homosexuality, and thus same-sex marriage, or not? If it does, then the approval of same-sex marriage, that has recently been endorsed by President Obama, would constitute a direct and arrogant attack against the Bible, and thus against God Himself. America Choose the Bible or the Gay Agenda By Irvin Baxter …

AMERICA’S CHOICE: The Bible? or The Gay Agenda? We can’t have it both ways

While you were sleeping…China release plans to create an artificial moon.
October 18, 2018 by IWB – “China is planning to launch its own “artificial moon” by the year 2020, it has been reported. The city of Chengdu has unveiled plans to replace the city’s streetlights with a satellite that will boost the glow of the real moon. The artificial moon will be able to light an area with a diameter of 10 to 80 kilometres…”

Could threaten US satellites…
“But Gossel said putting a satellite at L2 could also enable Chinese attack spacecraft to zoom past the moon — about a quarter-million miles away — and then sneak up on critical U.S. intelligence and communications satellites in geosynchronous orbit, just 28,300 miles up — as occurred in the 2011 apocalypse-themed film “Melancholia.”…”

Found in 90 Percent of Table Salt Brands, Study Finds Average Adult Ingests 2,000 Pieces of Microplastic Per Year
By Julia Conley, staff writer – A new study finds that up to 90 percent of table salt contains microplastics.

Navy captain charged with steering defense contracts to her own company
By: Geoff Ziezulewicz – Oct 18, 2018 – Capt. Heather Cole, then-commander of Strategic Communications Wing 1 and Task Force 124, listens in during a 2014 briefing at Tinker Air Force Base. (Navy)

Their Population Control Agenda Is Working – The Birth Rate In the United States Has Fallen To Another All-Time Record Low
October 19, 2018 – Michael Snyder – News – The elite have worked very hard to slow down birth rates all over the world, and their efforts appear to be working. Just as we have witnessed in so many other countries, the birth rate in the United States continues to fall. In fact, it just plunged to yet another new all-time record low. So why would the elite want this to happen?

Big Tech Has Performed the “Greatest Bait-and-Switch in American History” As It Now Turns On Free Speech
October 16, 2018 – By: Joseph Jankowski – – Big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube have performed “perhaps the greatest bait-and-switch in American history” as they now have committed to an about-face to the American value of free speech.

Uranium One: FBI Refuses To Release Three-Dozen Secret Memos Involving Clintons, Russia And Obama
by Tyler Durden – 10/02/2018 – The FBI has refused to declassify 37 pages of materials related to the Uranium One deal, citing national security and the privacy issues, reports The Hill’s John Solomon. The documents are thought to contain information regarding then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s involvement, as well as the Obama administration’s knowledge of the controversial deal.

EMERYGENCY: Nancy Pelosi runs from Republicans protesters she’s a communist !
RKTNN Truth News Network

Mexico dispatches two Boeing 727s full of federal police officers to intercept migrant caravan from Honduras heading to the US that has defied
Trump’s warnings and continues to grow – Video – Hundreds of Mexican Federal Police Officers arrived at the southern border region of Chiapas on Wednesday A column of some 4,000 Honduran migrants is marching through Guatemala towards the Mexican border Mexican police insist that they are not there to stop the entry of migrants, but to facilitate order at the border Trump has threatened to pull back international aid from any country that allows caravan to pass to the U.S.

“Covert” Facial Recognition Street Lights Coming to a Neighborhood Near You
October 18, 2018 – By MassPrivateI – A recent Reuters article reveals that ST Engineering has been awarded $5.5 million to install facial recognition street lights in Singapore. ST’s smart street lights come equipped with sensors, LED screens and covert cameras already installed.
Incredibly, ST claims their spying street lights can bring “healthcare benefits to residents.”

UH-OH: FBI Raids Offices Of Trump-Bashing San Juan Mayor On Suspicion Of Corruption
By Emily Zanotti – October 16, 2018 – Early Tuesday morning, the FBI raided government offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico, including offices under the direct control of of San Juan’s mayor, Carmen Yelin Cruz, looking for evidence to substantiate allegations of “corruption” within San Juan’s city government.

Amazon, FedEx, UPS Could Gain from Trump Threat to Leave Postal Union
Cheryl Bolen – Bloomberg News – October 18, 2018 – U.S. e-commerce companies including and shippers such as FedEx Corp. and UPS Inc. stand to gain from the Trump administration’s move Oct. 17 to withdraw from an international postal agreement.
The White House said the United States will pull out of the agreement unless the governing body that regulates foreign mail acts quickly to end the highly subsidized rates that allow e-commerce businesses in countries such as China to undercut American competitors. That would open the door for large shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS to compete with the U.S. Postal Service on a level playing field. It also would help online retailers such as Amazon fend off cheap foreign competitors.

Godrules Oct 17, 2018 –

Rush Limbaugh: Who’s feeding thousands in caravan?
‘They wouldn’t have made it this far if there weren’t services for them along the way’
Oct 18, 2018 – The migrants in the caravan headed for the United States that began in Honduras and now is moving through Guatemala toward Mexico’s southern border claim they’re part of a spontaneous event.
Behold I Come Dec 11, 2017 –

[Ednote: from what I have found out this is the truth about the blackout. It was covered up by the other stories]
Truth Happens Oct 16, 2018 –

GrandSupremeNews Oct 16, 2018 –

YouTube Shutdown BLACKOUT! The World In 2019
TruthUnveiled777 – Oct 18, 2018 –

Trump’s 4 Triggers That Are Imploding The Deep State

by BZ ?AM Riger / ? Tuesday, 16 October 2018 / ? Published in Absolute Data
The spotlight of this Briefing focuses on President Trump’s triggering The Deep State into panic mode. Additional content is available at attorney Rudy Giuliani after Trump announced Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court at the White House in Washington, U.S., …

The True Story of Collusion [Infographic]
by BZ AM Riger – October 16, 2018 – How America’s most powerful agencies were weaponized against President Donald Trump
By Jeff Carlson, published on Epoch Times, on October 13, 2018 – Although the details remain complex, the structure underlying Spygate—the creation of the false narrative that candidate Donald Trump colluded with Russia, and the spying on his presidential campaign—remains surprisingly simple:
1. CIA Director John Brennan, with some assistance from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, gathered foreign intelligence and fed it throughout our domestic Intelligence Community.

Midterms Looking Great – Censorship Going to Supreme COURT!

Disturbing School Assignment Is A Sign Of Things To Come
Public schools in the United States have gradually become indoctrination centers for leftist propaganda.
The LGBT agenda has been a major focus of health, science, and sexual education classes not only in our country, but abroad.
We are all aware of the global progressive agenda pushed on the youngest of children, and now we have a shocking new look into what kids in the U.K. are learning.

Trump Goes “Postal”, Abandons 144-Year-Old ‘Unfair’ Shipping Treaty With China

Treasury Official Arrested, Charged with Leaking Confidential Info On Ex-Trump Advisers
DAHBOO777 – Oct 17, 2018 –

Treasury Official Arrested, Charged With Leaking Confidential Info On Ex-Trump Advisers; BuzzFeed Implicated
by Tyler Durden – 10/17/2018 – In the latest indication of the Trump administration’s efforts to root out alleged leakers, a senior Treasury Department official working in the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN), Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, has been charged with leaking confidential financial reports to the media concerning former Trump campaign advisers Paul Manafort and Richard Gates, according to The Hill.

Federal Reserve Has Declared Economic War on America In Order to Destroy Trump +Video
October 15, 2018 – By: JD Heyes – Natural News – If you listen to ‘official’ Washington, to include the establishment media commentariat, it’s gauche and unacceptable to criticize the Federal Reserve, because it’s supposed to be “independent” from government and thus unassailable, despite the fact that, as our central bank, the Fed decides fiscal policy for the entire country. Never mind that the Executive Branch, primarily, with Congress playing a secondary role, was charged by our founders with that responsibility. After all, presidents set the tone for domestic and foreign policy; why are they supposed to remain silent when it comes to monetary policy?

The Elite Don’t Want You To Know: GOD IS REAL – Here’s the Proof.
Jun 22, 2016 – The global elite are now in the process of unveiling that which they have been hiding for centuries. There is a spiritual war taking place on planet earth at this very moment. Look no further than the Goothard Tunnel opening ceremony on June 1st in Switzerland. The nearly $9 million dollar occult riddled ritual featured Baphomet copulating with human women, the bride of satan giving birth, all seeing eyes and an endless amount of other Satanic symbology. Meanwhile over at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider project in the same country we see Shiva the God of Destruction standing proudly in front of CERN’s headquarters. And the CERN movie ‘Symmetry’ makes their aims perfectly clear, they are actively trying to break the barrier between that which is seen and unseen. Again, the elite seem Hell bent on ushering in their NWO Beast system and at this point they have stopped hiding it. Author James Perloff joins me to deconstruct Darwin. and share proof that God is real.. – –

Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Just Admitted To Everything I’ve Been Trying To Warn People About The Democrats!
October 15, 2018 – ( – Rush Limbaugh, the godfather of conservative punditry, has a hait of being right.
And he’s well aware of this. During a recent show, the commentator pointed out that Hillary Clinton had recently confirmed everything he’s been saying about Democrats for years.

Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Just Admitted To Everything I’ve Been Trying To Warn People About The Democrats!

Future energy: Inside the nuclear fusion reactor that will ‘recreate sun on earth’
October 15, 2018 – (Worthy News) – A nuclear reactor that uses the same energy source as the sun is taking shape in the south of France.
Sky News was given special access to the experimental plant near Marseilles.
When it is switched on in seven years’ time it will fuse together hydrogen atoms, releasing immense amounts of carbon-free energy in the process. Significantly, there will not be any long-lived radioactive waste. [ Source: Sky News (Read More…) ]


The Atlantic: Why Technology Favors Tyranny
Yoshi Sodeoka – Written By: Yuval Noah Harari – October 16, 2018
“Populist revolts will be staged not against an economic elite that exploits people but against an economic elite that does not need them anymore. This may well be a losing battle. It is much harder to struggle against irrelevance than against exploitation.” TN Editor
I. The Growing Fear of Irrelevance

The Atlantic: Why Technology Favors Tyranny

DARPA Wants Drone Swarms To Master Urban Operations
By: Brian Wang – October 16, 2018 – This is DARPA’s third major push to develop coordinated and autonomous drone swarms, up to 250 per swarm, to be used in urban areas. DARPA uses universities (Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Univ. of Colorado) and giant Tech companies (Siemens, Heron) to build their military technology. TN Editor
DARPA’s OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET) envisions swarms of 250 collaborative autonomous systems providing critical insights to small ground military units in urban areas where vertical structures, tight spaces, and limited sight lines constrain communications and mobility.

DARPA Wants Drone Swarms To Master Urban Operations

The U.S. Military Encounters A 15 Foot GIANT In The Caves Of Afghanistan! (Full Testimony)

Are the Smithsonian Covering Up the Greatest Mysteries of Humanities Past
Published on Oct 9, 2018 – Explore this enduring mystery and its connection to the seemingly supernatural creation of the human race. Jim Viera will bring his expertise of Giants, based on years of intensive investigation. Step back in time to help unravel one of the greatest mysteries of humanities past.?

GIANTS in History – Michael Tellinger
The discovery of the fossils of giants among the stone circles of South Africa has shifted the attention to GIANTS in history and their connection to the stone circle ruins themselves. I have found evidence that the beings that built the stone circles were larger than normal humans today – possibly 3 times as tall. Full article with photos:

Vitamin B17, Known As Laetrile and Amygdalin, Kills Cancer — Available Over The Counter
By: LilliHart – Oct 15, 2018 – Vitamin B17, better known as Laetrile or amygdalin, is a powerful natural cancer treatment that has been proven to kill both prostate and cervical cancer cells. Laetrile is derived from amygdalin, a natural substance found in raw nuts and the kernels of fruits such as apricots and peaches. The healing properties were so effective that Big Pharma became alarmed to the point that they eventually stepped in and pressured the FDA to ban its use in the United States. However, it is still available online under the name vitamin B17. Laetrile contains an enzyme known as Emulsin that breaks down into cyanide when ingested. It is this chemical reaction that is responsible for Laetrile’s cancer-fighting properties. The most common form of laetrile, or vitamin B17, is derived from apricot seeds as these contain a large amount of the active ingredient that kills cancer.

NeverTrumpers Keep Joining Trump At An Astonishing Rate
October 15, 2018 – (Big League Politics) – With President Donald Trump delivering conservative victories, former members of the NeverTrump movement are siding with the president as he battles with the globalist left to protect American sovereignty.
Trump has enacted tax cuts, sweeping de-regulations, two successful Supreme Court appointments, and has staunchly defended the Second Amendment, proving himself to be far more conservative than the NeverTrumpers initially gave him credit for when he ran. The NeverTrumpers said that Trump was an anti-conservative radical populist. But now they see his commitment to the most populist notion of all: the idea that American patriots must win real victories before it is too late.

NeverTrumpers Keep Joining Trump At An Astonishing Rate

HR 1111-The Democrats and the UN Plan to Seize Control of the Government
There are 22 days before the second most important election in American history. At the end of this trail, lies extreme danger for every conservative, Constitutional-loving citizen and Christian. I feel compelled to say that I feel I am watching the roll out of 1930’s Nazi control of the German government. The German people though Hitler was just a fad and he would fade away. The only thing that faded away were the Communists who were diametrically opposed to the Nazis. The communists became the first guests at Hitler’s “Final Solution” camps. There is clear evidence that the Democrats plan to hand this country off to the United Nations and the predictions of Bill Ayers, Obama’s mentor, of putting 50 million Americans into re-education camps and needing to kill 25 million will come to fruition if the Democrats take over the government. To some, they will this is hyperbole. To some others they will say this is delusional paranoia. Please allow me to remind the readers that it Hillary Clinton, when asked about the deplorables, who said they needed to be put away in “fun camps” (ie FEMA camps).
Extreme Tyranny – The Democrats are clearly planning to sign on to the United Nations and use their collective might to subdue and subjugate the United States. Before we go to to the proof for my bold claims, there are three stories which provide proper context and begin to connect the dots on this outrageous claim. […] Holder is the spokesperson for CALEXIT.

HR 1111-The Democrats and the UN Plan to Seize Control of the Government

Parents Speak Out After ‘Drag Queen’ Included Among Literacy Day Speakers at Middle School
By Fox31 Denver – October 23, 2018 – THORNTON, Colo. — Some parents of students at a middle school in Colorado are expressing objection after learning that a man who works as a “drag queen” was among the entities who spoke to students at a recent literacy day.
According to reports, the man, who goes by the stage name “Jessica L’Whor,” appeared at Rocky Top Middle School on Friday, visiting various classrooms to talk about his profession and to read a book about acceptance. The man changed his name to “Ms. Jessica” for the occasion as he believed his full stage name would not be appropriate for children.

Parents Speak Out After ‘Drag Queen’ Included Among Literacy Day Speakers at Middle School

Satanist Middle School Girls Facing Charges After Plotting to Kill Students, Drink Their Blood
By The Editor – October 25, 2018 – BARTOW, Fla. — Two Florida middle school students, ages 11 and 12, are facing criminal charges after acknowledging to police that they had brought knives to school to murder over a dozen younger children and then kill themselves so that they could “be with Satan.”
[…] The remainder of this article is available in its entirety at Christian News

Vatican admits the change of Sabbath was their act not the Bible
By Samuel Owusu – April 2018 – Rome’s biggest challenge – “Prove to me from the Bible alone that I am bound to keep Sunday holy. There is no such law in the Bible. It is a law of the Catholic Church alone. The Catholic Church says, by my divine power I abolish the Sabbath day and command you to keep holy the first day of the week. And lo! The entire civilized world bows down in reverent obedience to the command of the Holy Catholic Church” (Thomas Enright, CSSR, President, Redemptorist College [Roman Catholic], Kansas City, MO, Feb. 18, 1884). There can be no doubt that Christ, His disciples, and the first-century Christians kept Saturday, the seventh-day Sabbath. Yet, today, most of the Christian professing world keeps Sunday, the first day of the week, calling it the Sabbath. Who made this change, and how did it occur? […]

Jordan searches for survivors after floods kill 20 people, many children
Bible Study – By Bible Study – Oct 26, 22018

Jordan searches for survivors after floods kill 20 people, many children

Vladimir Putin invited to Washington in early 2019: John Bolton
By Brooke Singman – Fox News Oct 26, 2018 – John Bolton meets with Russian President Putin in Moscow National Security Adviser John Bolton says he discussed U.S. plans to withdraw from missile treaty with Russia; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon.-

Russia Prepares for War, US Prepares a War’ – Diplomat on INF Treaty Withdrawal
Military & Intelligence – Oct 27, 2018 – Russian diplomat Andrei Belousov confirmed Friday that Russia is preparing to defend its territory against any aggression, while the US’ unilateral withdrawal from INF Treaty signals that Washington is preparing such an aggression.
Andrei Belousov, deputy director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of Nonproliferation and Arms Control, commented on US’ unilateral withdrawal from the INF Treaty by saying that US is “preparing a war,” and that Russia has to get ready to defend its territory, principles and values.

NO HARD BORDER! Bullish Varadkar issues Brexit WARNING – ‘We have a HUGE difficulty’
IRISH Taoiseach Leo Varadkar moved to reassure Irish citizens living in Northern Ireland that his government will not turn its back on them during a visit to a city just a few miles from the border.
By Joey Millar – Oct 27, 2018 – Speaking to the media during a visit to Derry, the Taoiseach (prime minister) said he was “confident but not complacent” that a hard border can be avoided after the UK leaves the European Union.

MUST SEE! This Donald Trump Message Will Change Your Life Forever – IF YOU LISTEN TO IT!
James Red Pills America –

Report: Megyn Kelly out at NBC, set for $69 million fight — and could head back to Fox News
Oct 25, 2018

Bayer Stock Crashes After Monsanto Cancer Verdict Upheld By Judge; Analyst Estimates $800 Billion In Future Liability
October 23rd 2018 – By: Sayer Ji, Founder

Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell

Harry Potter party, crafting thrive years after books, movies releases
10/24/2018 – By Associated Press – […] But want-to-be witches and wizards don’t need excuses to put a Harry Potter spin on kid and adult birthday parties, quinceañeras, brunches, housewarmings, gender reveals for expected babies, bachelorette festivities, movie-watching marathons and Christmas get-togethers. Additions to the vast online trove of Harry Potter craft ideas keep coming, even though the original book series ended about 10 years ago. You can draw messenger owls on white balloons with notes attached, make wands from carryout chopsticks and hot glue, and create “floating” candles with battery-powered lights poking from toilet paper rolls painted white. The candles, with drips made of glue, hang overhead on hard-to-see plastic string to imitate an enchanted ceiling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Israeli president accused of plotting ‘putsch’ to shunt Netanyahu aside
October 24, 2018 – A report claims Israeli President Reuven Rivlin planned to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Rivlin denies it.
By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News […] According to Israeli law, the president can ask any Knesset member to form a government. “This is the stinkiest maneuver of all time; it’s a putsch attempt,” the paper quoted an anonymous senior Likud official. “They know that Netanyahu cannot be replaced in the elections, so they try every which way they can think of to get him out.”

UK Survey Finds Quarter of Young People Back Temporary Marriage Contracts
By Editor on October 23, 2018 – (Coalition for Marriage) — A quarter of young people back temporary marriages, while almost one in three back “fluid arrangements,” according to a major new poll for the Coalition for Marriage.

The Swedish Are Micro-Chipping Themselves By The Thousands
By PNW Staff October 24, 2018 – Thousands of people in Sweden are microchipping themselves in an effort to make their daily lives easier and speed up their day but what are the long term consequences of such actions?

Why Can’t You Be A Christian Witch?
By Michael Brown/ October 24, 2018

How Turkey Is Spreading Its Radical Islamist Agenda To Europe – October 24, 2018 – With less than two million people, Kosovo, which declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, is the home of over 800 mosques. Now the Islamic Community of Kosovo is building the “Central Mosque” at an estimated cost of $35 to $40 million. Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (the Diyanet) is financing the project. –

Breaking: “Theresa May Could Be Removed From Office In UK” Over Brexit
Paul Begley Oct 23, 2018

Wife Fears Missing Interpol Chief Dead: ‘Everybody In China Is At Risk’
Written By: Frances Martel October 23, 2018

Wife Fears Missing Interpol Chief Dead: ‘Everybody In China Is At Risk’

MIT: Designer Babies Have Arrived Thanks To Genetic Testing
Written By: Laura Hercher October 23, 2018

MIT: Designer Babies Have Arrived Thanks To Genetic Testing

A Problem That Shouldn’t Be Ignored But Is—Military Creates “God Voice”—Hive Mind Control Is Here
Lisa Haven Oct 23, 2018 –

Jesuit Pope Francis about to Canonize the Masonic Pope who enthroned Satan as Head of the Church – Calling Himself the “Smoke of Satan”!
October 16, 2018 by Anders

Vatican II: Jewish Freemason Paul VI released 32,000 Priests from the Priesthood
fatimamovement –

Judge upholds Monsanto verdict, cuts award to $78 million
SAN FRANCISCO: A Northern California judge on Monday upheld a jury’s verdict that found Monsanto’s weed killer caused a groundskeeper’s cancer, but she slashed the amount of money to be paid from $289 million to $78 million.
In denying Monsanto’s request for a new trial, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bolanos cut the jury’s punitive damage award from $250 million to $39 million. The judge had earlier said she had strong doubts about the jury’s entire punitive damage award.

Global Biohackers Have Made Human Implantable Microchips The Fastest-Growing Industry In The World
by Geoffrey Grider October 19, 2018

Mikrochip Implants 1st generation – Applications
Digiwell – upgrading humans

Transgenders in Turmoil as Trump Admin Moves for Huge Change to Definition of the Sexes
A report citing a government memo suggests the Trump administration is considering strict definitions of what gender a person can claim. By Benjamin Arie – October 21, 2018 – No, not in favor of global warming, but rather transgenderism.

Transgenders in Turmoil as Trump Admin Moves for Huge Change to Definition of the Sexes

Violent storm drops huge hail, produces massive hail accumulations in Rome, Italy
*Waist Deep Hail Rome*Spanish Disaster*National Emergency Trinidad Tobago*Australia Hammered*
Evolutionary Energy Arts – Oct 22, 2018

Nations are built by migrants, pope says
Carol Glatz – Oct 30, 2018 – CATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE

Nations are built by migrants, pope says

Comments about Soros NGOs backing migrant caravans not tolerated by globalist masters
(Washington Examiner) – Fox Business on Sunday said it pulled an episode of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that contained what critics said was anti-Semitic sentiment just a day after a gunman killed 11 people in a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Huge Floating Dry Dock Holding Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier Has Accidentally Sunk
DAHBOO77 Oct 30, 2018

The massive 2017 Mexican earthquake split a tectonic plate in two, and geologists are shaken
October 26, 2018 – (Worthy News) – The 8.2 magnitude earthquake that brought devastation and 98 deaths to southern Mexico in September 2017 was even more extreme than initially thought — it split the tectonic plate responsible for the quake in half.According to a new study, published in Nature Geoscience, the approximately 37-mile long Cocos plate split apart in a few seconds and released exorbitant amounts of energy.

Merkel Announces She Won’t Seek Re-election Amid Disastrous Immigration Policies pressure from citizens mounts over her disastrous immigration policies
By: Daniel Newton – October 29, 2018 pressure from citizens mounts over her disastrous immigration policies German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced she will not seek re-election when her mandate ends in 2021

Pope: Pedophile Accusations Is Satan’s Way Of ‘Persecuting The Catholic Church’ The Pope was speaking to f 250 bishops from around the world, By: Paul Whitehead – NeonNettle – October 29, 2018

Marcus Rogers’s discussing a false teacher… Christian Post.
Well Marcus is also a false teacher, “VEHEMENTLY ASSAILING” the Trinity and the Eternal Sonship of Christ in his videos and so on. Here’s one below: Texas ‘Prophet’ Joshua Holmes Is ‘Jesus in the Flesh,’

Is this the look of ‘a new Jesus movement’?
‘Our country was born in revival’

Do they KNOW something about Yellowstone Supervolcano? – Near the “VERY HIGH” Alert level!
MrMBB333 – Oct 29, 2018

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