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Shallow M4.7 Earthquake Hits Near Jamaica


Robert Mueller Totally Embarrassed After Trying To Scare Trump Out Of White House(VIDEO)!!!


MillionforChrist Asa Pittman Ministries – Sep 2, 2018 –

Mid-East Prophecy Update – September 2nd, 2018

Middle East Current Events Update – Sept. 1, 2018.



People flee as glowing transformers and power line sparks turn night into day!
MrMBB333 –

URGENT! Tribulation seals about to burst, rapture on high alert!
Sep 1, 2018 –

Karma Strikes BACK! London’s Mayor Just Got a Gigantic, Humiliating Balloon of His Own
The Next News Network – Sep 2, 2018 –


Social Security Experts Announce Major 2019 Changes For Millions Of Seniors

Trump Delivers Prophetic Warning To Christian Leaders!
Lance Wallnau –

Trudeau CAVES! He Just Admitted Defeat to Trump’s New NAFTA Deal
The Next News Network – Sep 2, 2018


Is This Where Jesus Turned Water Into Wine? Lost Tunnels Could Unlock Secrets

Earth Has Been Violently Shaken By 144 Major Earthquakes Over The Last 7 Days
nemesis maturity –

CBS News ~ The World of Freemasons Aug 31, 2018

AI – Voice Of God Technology – Mind HackingHarvard University’s Dr Robert Duncan speaks on the Voice Of God technology, Mind Hacking and Game theory.


Parents Fight Back After Atlanta School Replaces Pledge of Allegiance With Oath to Global Society
The Next News Network – Aug 30, 2018


This is supposed to be impossible! Muslims help Christians Enter Dome of the Rock
A & O Productions – Aug 29, 2018

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley EXPLOSIVE Speech at the Christians United for Israel Summit Published on Jul 23, 2018
Trump TV Network –


President Trump’s AMAZING Speech at dinner celebrating Evangelical leadership
Trump TV Network – August 27, 2018

Dr. James Dobson Discusses White House Evangelical Appreciation Dinner


Breaking: “Planet X Could Bring “Shock-Tober” In October / Mike From Around The World
Paul Begley –

CERN Scientists Are About to Cool Antimatter to Discover Why It Has All But Vanished
DAHBOO77 – Aug 29, 2018

Libs Heads EXPLODE After This Guy Turns on his Camera and DESTROYS the Myth of ‘White Privilege’
The Next News Network –

By BZ AM Riger – August 28, 2018
Dr. John Coleman CIA source link free book pdf file important

I Choose My Eternity Now – Aug 28, 2018


WSJ: Michael Cohen received $774K credit line during Trump campaign
CNN May 4, 2018 –

KEYS: Everything about letter containing accusations against Pope Francis
ROME REPORTS in English –

Pope Francis on letter accusing him of covering up abuses: Read it and draw your own conclusions
ROME REPORTS in English – Aug 27, 2018


Facial Recognition Tech Can Now Text Jaywalkers A Fine
DAHBOO77 – Aug 27, 2018 –

Testifying about Jesus to the UN General Assembly – Lee Stoneking Miracle

Asteroid The Size of Great Pyramid Making A Close Approach To Earth, Fireball Watch Alert


Asteroid the size of Great Giza Pyramid making a ‘close approach’ to EarthAug 27, 2018 –

Moral Panic
Carpe Donktum – Aug 24, 2018 –

Proof of Geoengineered Microwaving (Steering) Hurricane Lane Into Hawaii –


Altar to Satan


Something Strange is Happening to the Weather!
Jason A –

A NEWS UPDATE NRC Declares Emergency at Brunswick Plant
NEWS CHANNEL 428 – Sep 18, 2018


5G: A.I. Will read your DNA
RichieFromBoston – Sep 18, 2018

FEMA To Send First Presidential Emergency Alert Test Out On October 3rd
DAHBOO77 – Sep 18, 2018

Miles-Long Earth Cracks Swallow Rivers, Wells and Underground Reserves In India
DAHBOO777 – Sep 17, 2018

Evacuate? Brunswick Nuclear ‘UNUSUAL EVENT declared, FLOODING!
Sep 17, 2018 – Mary Greeley

Trump Obama Kerry Triple Tau, 57 Down! Be Ready!

Another ERROR Is Found In Brett Kavanaugh Accusers Story And It’s A BIG ONE(VIDEO)!!!
GLOBAL News – Sep 17, 2018

170 MPH Super Typhoon Strikes Hong Kong!

Here Is Proof Of Ionospheric Heaters, HAARP’s Grandfather Base In Antarctica, Weather Modification

Man sentenced twice for same gun offense
Published: Sep 15, 2018
A man has been sentenced to jail twice for the same offense – possessing a gun following a felony conviction – and now a legal team of civil rights experts is urging the Supreme Court to end the practice.Terence Gamble was stopped by police in 2015 while driving with a faulty headlight.A search of the vehicle turned up a handgun, and since he had a felony, he was tried and convicted in state court for illegal possession of a firearm and sentenced to one year imprisonment.While his state charge was pending, the federal government also charged Gamble with being a felon in possession of a firearm based on the same event. He raised the Fifth Amendment ban on double jeopardy, but the federal court rejected the argument, sentencing him to 46 months in prison.The sentence technically was allowed because the Supreme Court has created an exception to the double jeopardy rule, allowing successive prosecutions by “separate sovereigns.”But now it’s time for the practice and precedent to go, argues the Rutherford Institute.“Despite the clear mandate of the Constitution against double jeopardy, we live in a country where a person can be tried for a crime a second time even after having be[en] acquitted by a jury for that same crime,” said Rutherford President John Whitehead.“The time is long overdue for the courts to abolish the ‘separate sovereigns’ doctrine and protect the fundamental right to be free from multiple prosecutions for the same offense.”

Fox Bombshell: Peter Strzok’s FBI Mistress Lisa Page Worked For Clinton, According To Text Messages
September 15, 2018 6:54 pm Politics(Conservative Tribune) – The Peter Strzok-Lisa Page text messages: They’re the gift that keeps on giving.According to Fox News, a newly uncovered text message chain seems to confirm that FBI lawyer Lisa Page — one of the two lovebirds whose texts have cast doubt on the objectivity of the Department of Justice’s investigations surrounding the 2016 election — claims that she interned for one of the Clintons.“Get inspired and depressing reading that article about how Obama approached the mail room,” Page said in a text to Strzok on Jan. 19, 2017 — the last full day of the Obama administration.
“Needless to say, it was very different when I interned there under Clinton.”The article she was discussing was a New York Times piece that described the kind of mail the outgoing president would receive.“At the beginning of his first term, President (Barack) Obama said he wanted to read his mail. He said he would like to see 10 letters a day. After that, the 10LADs, as they came to be called, were put in a purple folder and added to the back of the briefing book he took with him to the residence on the second floor of the White House each night,” the article, titled “To Obama With Love, and Hate, and Desperation,” read.

Suspicious0bservers – Sep 15, 2018

TRULY EPIC!! Killing The Deep State: 300 Style – Starring Donald Trump: Full Version
James Red Pills America

BOOM!! FBI Invades the DNC Office and Takes Down All the Criminal Democrats
James Red Pills America

NO WAY! – This CAN”T be behind the Mysterious closing of the Sunspot Observatory
MrMBB333 – Sep 16, 2018

Hosea 9:7 The days of visitation are come, the days of recompence are come; Israel shall know it: the prophet is a fool, the spiritual man is mad, for the multitude of thine iniquity, and the great hatred.Look what happened below when I first copied the heading – This video is a must see!!
Godrules – Published on Sep 15, 2018

Trump May Get $5 Billion In Funding For Border Wall – More Than Twice What The White House Requested

Bill Clinton’s Lifestyle 2018
Gym4men –

They’re at it Again: Sunspot Observatory/NASA Probe/MA Fires

HUGEEEE!!! Obama, Joe Biden GOT EXPOSED From Manafort’ Plea Deal!!! THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!
News Today –

Millions Will Discover the TRUTH About Cancer® — The Little-Known Best Ways to Prevent and Beat It You Aren’t Being Told About – Coming Soon
Don’t Be Left Out of This Life-Saving Event

Unknowingly Giving Life To The AI Beast System AI
Shaking My Head Productions – Jun 11, 2018

ARRESTS you probably haven’t heard about! DRAIN THE SWAMP
Truthification Chronicles

A tatted up Dr. Phil performed on stage with Good CharlotteTelevision · Last nightWorlds collided when the talk show host joined the band for an unlikely collaboration on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Trump’s September Surprise is a Doozy
American Intelligence Media – Sep 13, 2018

Mysterious pulsating sky high above Ohio – Witness never seen anything like it!
MrMBB333 –

Seventy Two New Mysterious Signals Are Coming from The Same ‘Noisy’ Galaxy
DAHBOO777 – Sep 14, 2018
The perennial optimists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, have joined the rest of the world in deploying AI to help manage huge data sets — and their efforts almost instantly bore fruit. Seventy-two new “fast radio bursts” from a mysteriously noisy galaxy 3 billion miles away were discovered in previously analyzed data by using a custom machine learning model.

Consider this: Chief Heather Fong (left), is the first SFPD female, lesbian chief of police. Theresa Sparks (center), a former male, is president of the San Francisco
Police Commission, CEO of a multi-million dollar sex toy retailer, and a transgender woman. Sgt. Stephan Thorne (right), a former female, is the first transgender male
SFPD police officer. Their Representative in Congress is Nancy Pelosi. Where else are you going to find an Asian lesbian police chief, one deputy chief who is
a woman who was a man, another deputy chief who is a man who was a woman, and a police commissioner who was a man and is now a woman whose
full-time job is running a dildo store. Now that’s diversity. Get with it! Source Email

Cornelius Jones –


Stranger Things is truly CERN + D-Wave + Dep. of Energy [Montauk Project] CITD2018
Edge of Wonder –


The Vigilant Christian is OVER! ??
The Vigilant Christian –

Mystery Solved, National Solar Observatory Closed, Eclipse, Carrington Event
Mary Greeley –

Highly unusual incident occurs in NE Massachusetts 9/13/18
70 gas related explosions
MrMBB333 – Sep 13, 2018

Must Watch, he shares, I mean really shares. This is quite a report, he is even right about the Mormons being ready, Mormons are not Christians, they worship a false “physical” God and a false Jesus. There is no hell in Mormonism.
WW3 – R U Ready – Joel Skousen
John Wycliffe –

I know why the FBI closed the National Solar Observatory!
JonXArmy – Sep 12, 2018

Senate Approves Spending Bill, Hoping to Avert Shutdown
By The Western Journal – September 12, 2018 at 4:15pm
WASHINGTON (AP) — As a major hurricane menaces the East Coast, Congress is moving to avert a legislative disaster that could lead to a partial government shutdown just weeks before the November midterm elections.Senators approved a $147 billion package Wednesday night to fund the Energy Department, veterans’ programs and the legislative branch. The bill is the first of three spending packages Congress hopes to approve this month to avoid a government shutdown when the new budget year begins Oct. 1.The measure, which represents a compromise between House and Senate negotiators, was approved 92-5. The House is set to vote on the package on Thursday.If all three compromise spending packages are approved by both chambers and signed by President Donald Trump, they would account for nearly 90 percent of annual spending, including the military and most civilian agencies.Lawmakers would still need a short-term patch for a portion of the government, including the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees Trump’s long-promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Pastor Jim Bakker Is Concerned About Your Bowel Movements

California: City Blocks 5G Cell Tower Implementation Over Major Health Concerns

Mandela Effect: Lucifer’s Machine Part II, The Construct.
Become One That Can See

Swiss Village To Use Crowdfunding To Implement Universal Basic IncomeBy: Catherine Bosley – September 11, 2018UBI is a favorite meme of Technocrats around the world, and has already been tried and abandoned many times in recent years. Now a Swiss village that has no cash is going to try it by using crowdfunding. This is truly an Alice in Wonderland type of story. ? TN EditorA village in Switzerland has decided to go ahead with an experiment on basic income, with a payout of 2,500 francs ($2,570) per month. The next step is to raise money to finance the plan via crowdfunding.More than 50 percent of the inhabitants of Rheinau, close to the German border, signed up for the project, according to the organizers website. At least half the 1,300 inhabitants needed to say ‘yes,’ and the count stood at 692 on Monday. The submitted ballots also still have to be checked against government data to ensure eligibility.The decision comes two years after a proposal for a nationwide unconditional state stipend failed to pass in a national vote.Rheinau, on the banks of the river Rhine an hour by train from the banking hub of Zurich, was selected by filmmaker Rebecca Panian for the basic income trial. She says she became fascinated by the notion during the national debate before up the 2016 vote, decided to select a village as a guinea pig, and make a documentary.Earnings and social benefits would count against the payment, which will have to be raised from private sources rather than the government.

Maxine Waters vows to ‘get’ Pence once she gets Trump impeached
GOPUSA Staff Washington Times – September 11, 2018
Rep. Maxine Waters promised a crowd of young Democrats over the weekend that she would go after Vice President Mike Pence once President Trump is removed from office.The California congresswoman accepted a lifetime achievement award from the Stonewall Young Democrats on Saturday in Los Angeles, telling the enthusiastic crowd that Mr. Trump threatened Americans’ way of life and deserved to be impeached.“I’m gonna get him,” Ms. Waters said, according to a video published by progressive activist and attendee Edward Garren. “I’m in this fight and I’m not gonna move.“And, as you know, there’s a difference in how some of our leadership talk about how we should handle all of this,” she continued. “They say, ‘Maxine, please don’t say impeachment anymore. ‘And when they say that, I say, ‘Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.’”

Libs MORTIFIED As They Watch Hillary Supporting Liberal Attorney Endorse Kavanaugh For SCOTUS
The Next News Network – Sep 11, 2018

Whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits – 11 Minutes That BLEW ME AWAY
Victurus Libertas VLTV Sep 8, 2018

Project Camelot –

GOP Candidate RESIGNS UNEXPECTEDLY, However Dems Should Be VERY Worried Where He’s Focused NOW!
The Next News Network –

The Next News Network Sep 10, 2018 –

BREAKING: Trump Declares NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT on NYT OpEd Author – Insider Declares Identity
The Next News Network – Sep 10, 2018


Paul Craig Roberts:

I know who wrote the NYT Op-EdPaul Craig Roberts – Institute for Political Economy – Sep 6, 2018I know who wrote the anonymous “senior Trump official” op-ed in the New York Times. The New York Times wrote it.The op-ed ( is an obvious forgery. As a former senior official in a presidential administration, I can state with certainty that no senior official would express disagreement anonymously. Anonymous dissent has no credibility. Moreover, the dishonor of it undermines the character of the writer. A real dissenter would use his reputation and the status of his high position to lend weight to his dissent.The New York Times’ claim to have vetted the writer also lacks credibility, as the New York Times has consistently printed extreme accusations against Trump and against Vladimir Putin without supplying a bit of evidence. The New York Times has consistently misrepresented unsubstantiated allegations as proven fact. There is no reason whatsoever to believe the New York Times about anything.

Consider also whether a member of a conspiracy working “diligently” inside the administration with “many of the senior officials” to “preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting” Trump’s “worst inclinations” would thwart his and his fellow co-conspirators’ plot by revealing it!This forgery is an attempt to break up the Trump administration by creating suspicion throughout the senior level. If Trump falls for the New York Times’ deception, a house cleaning is likely to take place wherever suspicion falls. A government full of mutual suspicion cannot function.The fake op-ed serves to validate from within the Trump administration the false reporting by the New York Times that serves the interests of the military/security complex to hold on to enemies with whom Trump prefers to make peace. For example, the alleged “senior official” misrepresents, as does the New York Times, President Trump’s efforts to reduce dangerous tensions with North Korea and Russia as President Trump’s “preference for autocrats and dictators, such as President Vladimir Putin of Russia and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un” over America’s “allied, like-minded nations.” This is the same non-sequitur that the New York Times has expressed endlessly. Why is resolving dangerous tensions a “preference for dictators” and not a preference for peace? The New York Times has never explained, and neither does the “senior official.”

Pentagon Will Spend $2 Billion Developing Next-Generation AI
1Dulles Airport Surprises Passengers with Facial-Recognition Boarding
2It’s Now Possible To Telepathically Communicate with a Drone Swarm
3A Popular App Has Been Stealing Everyone’s Browser History
Jack Corrigan By Jack Corrigan, Staff Correspondent – September 7, 2018
The massive investment comes as other global powers like China pour significant resources into their own programs.
The Pentagon on Friday announced it would spend more than $2 billion over the next five years to advance the foundations of artificial intelligence technology.Through the AI Next initiative, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency aims to bring about so-called “third wave” AI, tools capable of human-like communication and contextual reasoning that far surpass the abilities of today’s most advanced machine-learning and AI technology.The massive investment comes as global powers like China pour significant resources into their own artificial intelligence R&D programs.“I’m proud to tell you DARPA plans to continue and increase its support for AI research, with a significant focus on the technologies that underpin a third wave of AI,” said DARPA Director Steven Walker in the announcement at the agency’s 60th anniversary conference. “Let’s … double down and commit to ensuring our country continues to create technological surprise for many more years and continues to use that surprise for a better and more secure world.”DARPA currently runs more than 20 programs to advance artificial intelligence and more than 60 others that explore ways the technology can bolster cybersecurity, share the electromagnetic spectrum and enable other breakthroughs. Under AI Next, the agency will spend the next year significantly expanding that portfolio.Today, DARPA spends about $300 million annually on its AI endeavors, and AI Next would increase funding by another $100 million per year beginning in fiscal 2019, according to DARPA Chief of Communications Jared Adams.

Hero Of Benghazi Suspended From Twitter For Criticizing Obama
September 10, 2018 – (Gateway Pundit) – Barack Obama stepped out of shadows on Friday nd reminded Americans of many economic, domestic and foreign policy failures.
President Obama lectured President Trump, accused him of racism, and attempted to take credit for President Trump’s economic miracle.
But Barack Obama’s worst lie was his remarks on Benghazi.Barack Obama: “The politics of division and paranoia has found a home, unfortunately, in the Republican party. … they’ve embraced wild conspiracy theories by those surrounding Benghazi. Or my birth certificate.”Benghazi hero Kris Paronto responded to the former president. Kris has not forgotten about the men lost as Obama did nothing.

Trump Rolls Out a BRILLIANT Plan – The Military Will Build His Wall!
TODAY NEWS Sep 9, 2018

HuffPo link:  Carl Bernstein  Calls For  Congressional Hearings  To Determine  Trump’s  Fitness

Mark of the Beast-Listen to the man that helped design it. Then the Lord spoke to him.
john lockett Aug 11, 2017 –

Barack Obama Is Involved In A Dangerous New Plan To Destroy Trump


All Nike Uniforms Are Being Removed In Bold Move – Team Embarrassed To Wear The Logo
TODAY NEWS – Sep 7, 2018 –

The Kavanaugh Hearing Concludes Sept 7, 2018

The hearing for Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, concluded today with more than two dozen witnesses, including outside legal experts and others.Kavanaugh’s unwavering testimony has frustrated Democrats who have not been able to derail him or hurt his confirmation vote. During yesterday’s session, Sen. Cory Booker created his own theatrical performance claiming, “this is the closest I’ll get to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment,” when he stated that he would “knowingly” violate Senate rules by releasing “confidential” Kavanaugh emails.

Booker claimed he was standing up for the release of classified documents written by Judge Kavanaugh about the use of “racial profiling” at airports in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Booker made a point of saying he was willing to get expelled from the Senate by releasing the emails the committee had deemed classified.However, the email documents were cleared to be released publicly shortly after Senator Booker’s staff requested them before the hearing began! Bill Burck, who is the George W. Bush records representative that led the review of Kavanaugh’s records said, “We were surprised to learn about Senator Booker’s histrionics this morning because we had already told him he could use the documents publicly. In fact, we have said yes to every request made by the Senate Democrats to make public documents public.” In the end, the “racial profiling” email indicated that Kavanaugh did not support “racial profiling.” The substance of the email was completely counter to Booker’s histrionics. Booker openly lied and merely grandstanded to make himself look brave for his apparent future run for president.

Trump tells all, exposes end times. Incredible!
VISUAL – Nov 12, 2017 1,549,989 views –

Last night a warning was issued to all Freemasons!
JonXArmy – Aug 23, 2018

Proof That Nike Is An Occult Corporation
Why Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad for their 30th anniversary is front page news, September 3, 2018

JUSTICE SERVED! Trump Sends Feds To 6 States, Arrests 364 Obama Ignored For Years! BREAKING!
The Next News Network –

Trump Issues National Preparedness Advisory
Operation Freedom Sep 4, 2018 –

World Class Cyclone poised to form – Could be one of the STRONGEST ever !

Nobody realized it had occurred in SO many states – COPIOUS amounts!
MrMBB333 Sep. 7, 2018

US Household Debt Hits Record $13.3 Trillion
by Tyler Durden Published: August 14, 2018
Total household debt hit a new record high, rising by $82 billion to $13.29 trillion in Q2 of 2018, 3.5% higher than a year earlier according to the NY Fed’s latest household debt report. It was the 16th consecutive quarter with an increase in household debt, and the total is now $618 billion higher than the previous peak of $12.68 trillion, from the third quarter of 2008. Overall household debt is now 19.2% above the post-financial-crisis trough reached during the second quarter of 2013.Mortgage balances—the largest component of household debt—rose by $60 billion during the second quarter, to $9.00 trillion. Credit card debt rose by $14 billion to $829 billion; auto loan debt increased by $9 billion in the quarter to $1.24 trillion and student loan debt hit a record high of $1.41 trillion, an increase of $2 billion in Q2.

Safety Nowhere: China Extends Its Global Human Registry To American SoilWikipedia Commons – By: Bethany Allen-Ebrahiman – August 16, 2018TN has warned that China is exporting its Technocracy to the entire planet. In this instance, they are now creating a global database of citizens and mapping their social connections. The current use of this data is to intimidate Chinese citizens who have family or friends abroad. ? TN EditorA major human rights crisis is unfolding in northwestern China, according to the United Nations, which said last week that there were credible reports that the Chinese government is holding one million or more ethnic minorities in secretive detention camps.Yet even for those who have escaped China, surveillance and intimidation have followed. As part of a massive campaign to monitor and intimidate its ethnic minorities no matter where they are, Chinese authorities are creating a global registry of Uighurs who live outside of China, threatening to detain their relatives if they do not provide personal and identifying information to Chinese police. This campaign is now reaching even Uighurs who live in the United States.A few months ago, Barna, who lives in a major U.S. city and requested that her real name not be revealed, received an odd message from her mother, who lives in China. Barna’s mother asked her to send her U.S. car license plate number, her phone number, her U.S. bank card number, and a photo of her ID card. Barna’s mother said that China is creating a new ID card system that includes all Chinese, even those who are abroad.“From her unsettled voice, I can tell she has been pushed by the authorities… For the sake of my mom’s safety, I said OK.”Since her mother was located in China and they were talking via WeChat, a Chinese chat app permitted by China’s internet regulator since it gives authorities access to messages and phone calls, Barna knew that their conversation was likely being monitored. So she told her mother that she did not have a car in the United States and that she only uses her Chinese bank card, though her mother knows this isn’t the case.

The crowd was chanting “Allahu Akbar” as they entered the building.Investigative journalist Laura Loomer is outside the event today.

50,000 Muslims Flood Football Stadium To Celebrate ‘Festival of Sacrifice’US Bank representative rejects rumors of animal sacrifices taking placeJamie White | – August 21, 2018
Nearly 50,000 Muslims have gathered inside a US football stadium to celebrate Eid al-Adha, also called the “Festival of Sacrifice.”Local Minnesota mosques organized the massive event to take place at the US Bank Stadium to celebrate the Islamic holiday which coincides with the Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.Because of the name and nature of the holiday, where Muslims sacrifice livestock as a symbol of the prophet Ibrahim’s [Abraham in Hebrew Bible] willingness to sacrifice his only son, the US Bank stadium has had to dispel rumors of mass animal sacrifices taking place inside its venue.“No animal sacrifice will take place at U.S. Bank Stadium,” spokeswoman for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority Jenn Hathaway announced in Minneapolis on Tuesday.
Minnesota: 50,000 Muslims Expected at US Bank Stadium for 2 day festival of slaughter (EID) (updated)
Russia’s new ‘walking army robot’ unveiled by Kalashnikov is 4.5-tonne bulletproof ‘soldier suit’ with clawsAugust 21, 2018 – by Mark Schumacher
The MirrorRussia has unveiled a terrifying 4.5-tonne bulletproof robot that can walk and hold weapons in its giant claws – and looks straight out of sci-fi films like Avatar and Robocop.The Avatar-style ‘bot was revealed by Kalashnikov at the Army 2018 Fair just outside Moscow, as a ‘demonstration of what is to come.’The robot can walk and has space in a cabin for people to sit and operate the robot from inside and can hold and move objects with its claws, including weapons.The pilots are protected from bullets, debris and any other dangerous object behind the armoured glass and metal encasement.The gold robot, which has been called Igorek, is still under construction and the creators do not wish to reveal all its characteristics until they have finished.
Russia’s new ‘walking army robot’ unveiled by Kalashnikov is 4.5-tonne bulletproof ‘soldier suit’ with clawsPosted on August 21, 2018 by Mark SchumacherThe MirrorRussia has unveiled a terrifying 4.5-tonne bulletproof robot that can walk and hold weapons in its giant claws – and looks straight out of sci-fi films like Avatar and Robocop.The Avatar-style ‘bot was revealed by Kalashnikov at the Army 2018 Fair just outside Moscow, as a ‘demonstration of what is to come.’The robot can walk and has space in a cabin for people to sit and operate the robot from inside and can hold and move objects with its claws, including weapons.The pilots are protected from bullets, debris and any other dangerous object behind the armoured glass and metal encasement.The gold robot, which has been called Igorek, is still under construction and the creators do not wish to reveal all its characteristics until they have finished.

The Great Rapture Debate: Session 2 – The Rapture in Church History
Good Fight Ministries – Published on Aug 15, 2018
Pastor Joe Schimmel and Dr. Doug Stauffer debate the timing of the rapture at the Pike’s Peak Prophecy Conference in Colorado Springs, CO, June 2016.

Thousands of Christians defy own churches’ ‘social justice’ campaignsRejecting ‘values borrowed from secular culture’Sept, 2018 – A relatively unpublicized and unpromoted online statement for Christians to affirm that they are defying the “social justice” agenda of some American churches, and rejecting “values borrowed from secular culture,” is surging.Introduced only days ago, by Thursday afternoon it had nearly 5,000 signatures from individuals and groups, including churches.The Daily Wire said the “Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel” even is attracting opposition, such as the criticism from Ryan Burton King, of Grace Baptist in the United Kingdom, who charged that the signers are “not at all ‘getting’ what those whom it primarily addresses are saying.”WND reported when the project launched that it came about in response to a move by churches, including evangelical churches, into social activism.“We are deeply concerned that values borrowed from secular culture are currently undermining Scripture in the areas of race and ethnicity, manhood and womanhood, and human sexuality,” declares the statement.Among the initial signatories are John MacArthur of Grace Community Church, James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, Michael O’Fallon of Sovereign Nations, Voddie Baucham of VBM, Phil Johnson of Grace To You and Darrell Harrison of Rockdale Community Church.

‘Very sad,’ Christian Institute says of vitriol against members of faith
Aug 25, 2018 – BOB UNRUH – The Christian Institute in the United Kingdom is lamenting that contemporary society has become so intolerant that a simple Bible tract stating pride leads to disgrace is being treated as “hate speech.”That’s what’s happening in Basildon, where town counselor David Burton-Sampson lashed out at Christians after the tract was delivered to homes.“These are extreme views,” he told the local Echo publication. “I think the fact these have been put in doors is appalling.”The front of the tract has a seven-color rainbow with the question “What comes after Pride?”Local reports said it was from an organization called XpandChristianity, which published online a tract similar to the one photographed in Basildon.Inside is the familiar biblical warning that pride goes before a fall.“The world defines ‘pride’ as: ‘a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.’“Yet the Word of God says a person’s pride is followed by disgrace (Prov. 11:2); pride is arrogance (Prov. 21:24); pride will bring a person low (Prov. 29:23.”Read more at

German Citizens Flood Streets In Uprising Against Violent ‘Asylum Seekers’ Iraqi and Syrian men arrested over the fatal stabbing of a German citizen By: Paul Whitehead |@NeonNettle on 28th August 2018READ MORE:

Terrifying moment lights go out across Japanese city as country is rocked by 6.7 magnitude quake, killing nine and burying dozens more in landslides, days after typhoon ravaged nation
•A 6.7 magnitude earthquake has triggered landslides leaving eight dead and dozens of houses buried in Japan
•Some five million residents have been left without power after the quake damaged a major thermal plant
•Dramatic footage shows lights in a city centre in Hokkaido prefecture gradually going out after the quake
•Typhoon Jebi hammered the country’s west coast as it made landfall on Tuesday with winds of up to 135mph
•At least 11 people were killed and hundreds more injured while homes and infrastructure were destroyedBy Julian Robinson for MailOnline and Afp – September 6, 2018

UFO Fleet filmed by Airplane passenger over JAPAN !!! August 2018
SECTION 51 2.0 Aug 27, 2018 –

Clock changes: EU backs ending daylight saving timeby BZ AM Riger – September 5, 2018
published on The BBC, on August 31, 2018

Delta Fire explodes in Northern California
Video of Delta Fire near Lake Shasta
NEWS NOW A Blazing Inferno, California Wildfires
NEWS CHANNEL 428 – sep 6, 2018

Members of LEGIDA, the Leipzig arm of the anti-Islam movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA), hold a poster depicting German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a rally in Leipzig, Germany.GERMANY ON BRINK OF RACE WARAugust 27, 2018 – Mike Walsh – SHARE NEWS CENSORED BY MEDIA We depend on donations and book investment (click Team Work). Please share our stories and purchase from our bookstore. ???????: ? ?????? ??????? ??????? ???????? ???? ????? ?????? ?????.

Deutsche Es gibt eine Sprachauswahloption auf der rechten Seite der Homepage.Hundreds of people flooded the streets of the Saxon city of Chemnitz on August 26 following the death of a German father killed by immigrants during a festival. Concerned Germans, dismissed as ‘neo Nazis’ by left-wing journalists, are calling for many more mass protests. Police are now bracing for a new wave of anti-migrant marches.Members of LEGIDA, the Leipzig arm of the anti-Islam movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA), hold a poster depicting German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a rally in Leipzig, Germany.beast from east 1
The District court of Chemnitz has issued an arrest warrant for a 23-year-old Syrian and a 22-year-old Iraqi suspected of killing a 35-year-old German in the early hours of August 26. The slaying triggered anti-migrant protests in Chemnitz. The city attorney’s office has requested to arrest the suspects, who reportedly stabbed the man to death following a verbal dispute on Sunday night.They were detained on August 26 by the police, who are ‘looking into motives and circumstances of the crime, according to the previously issued statement.’ We can well imagine the pro-refugee spin the police and media will put on the breaking news story.

73 Demonstrators Arrested During Second of Kavanaugh Hearing
Sixty-six people were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct during the second day of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday, Capitol Police reported

Bang: Study Shows Half Of Millennials Have Deleted FacebookWikimedia Commons – By: Andy Meek – September 6, 2018Ironically, it was the under-30 crowd that made Facebook, et al, great in the first place; now, they are the first to leave because they feel betrayed. Technocrat manipulation always results in pushback after the initial benefits of some crafty invention wear off. TN EditorOn a day when its chief operating officer was on Capitol Hill this morning getting a grilling from DC lawmakers, Facebook is also the focus of a newly released Pew Research Center study that’s chock-a-block with negative trends for the beleaguered social giant.Among the more attention-grabbing findings: More than one in four people have deleted the Facebook app from their phones, a figure that gets a lot higher when you focus just on 18- to 29-year-olds (44 percent of whom say they’ve done so). All told, 74 percent of Facebook users, according to the Pew data, say they’ve taken one of the following actions in the past year.

Chinese Scientist Claims Donald Trump is Cyrus The Great in Bible
Truth Perfected Jun 11, 2016 – 927,076 views

Parents Fight Back After Atlanta School Replaces ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ With Oath to ‘Global Society’
August 30, 2018 6:33 pm America Divided(Gateway Pundit) – Parents are fighting back after a charter school in Atlanta replaced the Pledge of Allegiance with an oath to ‘global society.’Lara Zelski, principal of Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School recently announced that in an effort to be a more inclusive community, the students will also pledge an oath to their community and global society. Zelski proposed creating a pledge based on “students’ civic responsibility to their school family, community, country and our global society,” reported […] Thankfully the parents fought back and the controversy grabbed the attention of Georgia House Speaker David Ralston and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, resulting in a reversal of the anti-American policy.

2018…The Bible Says This is Exactly How it Would Look Before the End Aug.29, 2018

Shocking: British Government Approves At-Home Abortion Pill
By Lindsay Elizabeth – August 29, 2018
This week, the British government announced that they will be legalizing the at-home use of misoprostol, a notorious labor-inducing abortion drug.This decision comes following a landmark case in Scotland, where a judge upheld a decision by the Scottish government to allow women to take misoprostol in the confines of their home as well. Misoprostol is one of the two drugs used in performing an at-home abortion.
Meet These ‘Little Miracles’ — Identical Twins Born at 23 Weeks Who Are Scotland’s Youngest-Ever Surviving Twins
The Guardian reported that the announcement “comes after pressure from campaigners for England to follow in the footsteps of Scotland, which last year became the first part of the U.K. to introduce the option, and Wales, which announced its own plans in June.”

Pope Allegedly Knew About Sex Abuse, But the Headlines Are Somehow Demonizing Conservatives
By Tré Goins-Phillips – August 29, 2018 – There are now credible allegations suggesting Pope Francis knew about and ignored disgraced former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s supposed years-long sexual abuse, but much of the press is focused on something altogether different.
Rather than digging deeper into the veracity of the claims made by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in his 11-page letter, revealing Francis knew in 2013 about McCarrick’s alleged sexual misconduct against seminarians and priests, many in the press are going after the conservatives searching for answers.
Pope Francis Won’t Confirm or Deny Whether He Knew About McCarrick’s Abuse. The New York Times, for example, published a headline earlier this week demonizing conservatives for “pouncing” on the leader of the Catholic Church. In its report, the Times suggested conservatives are now simply using Francis’ alleged knowledge of heinous sexual abuse as a cudgel with which to batter the left-leaning pope: Cont’d:

1968 Vision About World War 3
Sep 5, 2018 – Have you heard the prophecy from a 90 year old Norwegian woman about what society would look like before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? In this video a Christian who lived through both World War 1 and World War 2 shares a vision she claims was given to her by the Lord regarding the end times.

Mark of the Beast-Listen to the man that helped design it. Then the Lord spoke to him.
john lockett Aug 11, 2017 –

Anonymous – Elon Musk Warning for Humanity! (See This Before it is Deleted 2018-2019) AI
Anonymous Official – Sep 5, 2018 –

The Next News Network – Sep 5, 2018 –

Soros BUSTED Funding One of America’s Greatest ENEMIES – Trump Will NOT Be Happy When He Finds Out
The Next News Network – Sep 5, 2018 –

Breaking: VATICAN “Fall Of Rome”
Paul Begley – Aug 28, 2018 –

Abortion Business Marie Stopes Killed 4.1 Million Babies in Abortions Worldwide Last YearInternational
SPUC – Aug 29, 2018 – London, England

Waste Company Truck Diver Exposes Incineration of Aborted Babies: “They Get Fried in That Big Heater”

California Assembly Passes Bill to Mandate Free Abortions at All College and University CampusesSteven Ertelt, Micaiah Bilger – Aug 29, 2018 – Sacramento, CA
The California State Assembly today approved a dangerous bill that would require colleges and universities to offer abortion drugs on campus.The legislation, which passed the state Senate in January, is a radical, first-of-its-kind bill that would push college students to abort their unborn babies.Senate Bill 320, sponsored by pro-abortion Democrat Sen. Connie Leyva, would require California public universities and community colleges to provide abortions drugs up to 10 weeks of pregnancy at their student health centers. It also would require the taxpayer-funded schools to cover the cost of the abortions in their student health insurance plans. If passed, the pro-abortion mandate would go into effect in 2020.Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins called the passage today of SB 320 in the State Assembly a tragedyhawkins told LifeNews after the vote to pass the bill: “California politicians put the interests of the abortion industry ahead of the needs of both students and the colleges and universities with this shortsighted vote today.”

Fraud UK
Carl Michael – August 26, 2018

NBC: Principal humiliates/calls out children not fully vaccinated at school assembly, forces them to walk out and exit in front of everyoneBy Erin Elizabeth – Aug 28, 2018
(Editor’s Note: This story is proof that you should never do anything when you are angry and that we are so divided as a people on the topic of vaccines.)The Wayne County Board of Education in West Virginia has launched an investigation into an incident that happened with Principal Reva Wallace last week at Tolsia High School; according to students, Wallace called students out by name at a school assembly if they were not properly vaccinated then made them walk down the bleachers and exit the school in front of everyone.[…] As of Monday, it has more than 1,600 signatures.

NBC: More tainted water releases from Lake Okeechobee begin in Florida today for 2 straight weeks, SW Florida and Gulf State residents horrifiedPosted by Erin Elizabeth -| Aug 25, 2018 – Amid concerns about the high water level, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District will increase the amount of water discharged from Lake Okeechobee beginning Friday. Floridians (as well as residents of other Gulf states) are terrified. Myself included (I, Erin Elizabeth, am on the coast in Volusia County). But who exactly is to blame? Well, big sugar, big agriculture (factory farming) big oil, and the Army Corp of engineers are blaming the state. It’s all about govt agencies pointing fingers. Read this, but watch the video below. This should have been remedied decades ago when man started messing with mother nature and diverting water in the name of money. Beaches are closed from Sarasota along SW Florida. As the video below says from local news, in some places residents cannot even go outside!But the SE coast wasn’t spared either. Martin County beaches are closed by Stuart. I feel for everyone and wonder if we too will be affected here on the coast in NE Fla.Jacksonville District Commander, Col. Jason Kirk said in a news release,

Bill would open boards to people without full legal status
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Immigrants living in California without full legal status could serve in some appointed offices under a bill the state Senate sent Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday.The measure, passed by the Senate 26-11, would let people over 18 who lack authorization to live in the country be appointed to boards and commissions.Sen. Ricardo Lara, who authored the bill, says it would overturn laws designed to exclude immigrants from civic life.“We make the best policies when we hear the voices of all Californians regardless of where they are born or what they look like,” the Bell Gardens Democrat said.The bill, SB174, does not allow people who lack work authorization to hold paid appointments.Some immigrants living in California have work authorization but not legal status under the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which gives people living in the United States illegally who were brought to the country as children protection from deportation.Sen. Joel Anderson said he’s worried the bill would encourage Trump opponents to persuade the young immigrants, popularly known as “Dreamers,” to take an appointment as a political move.

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